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The Mini-grant program provides Bear Valley USD teachers, individually or as part of a team, the opportunity to apply funds to improve some aspect of their teaching or the program students.

Previous Winners
  • Allison McPherson from BBES, $2,156 for Reading Counts to Us
  • Manny Marquez from NSES, $2,366.99 for Reading Counts
  • Diane Begley and Meredith Hochee from BLES, $2,500 for the Learning Garden
  • Nicol Erdmier from BBES, $2,475 for Peace Garden Maintenance/Improvement & Greenhouse
  • Dena Arbaugh from BBMS, $2,000 for Growing Peace
  • Howard Antmann from BBMS, $2,000 for Restoration/Reclamation of Discarded Band Instruments
  • Karen Powell from NSES, $4,000 for Share the Love Garden
  • Amy Fuller from BBMS, $700 for Writing for Excellence Training
  • a fourth Mini-Grant was postponed for one season
  • Jim Fipps from BBHS, $2,000 for Collegiate Level Instruction in the Sport of Fencing
  • Claudia St. James from BBHS and BBMS, $4,000 for AVID College Field Trips
  • Mihaylo Music Program from grades 5-12, $2,000 for Forum Music Festival
  • Julia Seaman from BBMS, $2,000 for Project Technology Train
  • Kelley Schetter from NSES, $1,230 for Kinder Math & Literacy Software Grant
  • Kimberlie Peyton from NSES, $1052.18 for 4th grade students for Great Classical Composers.
  • Dena Arbaugh from BBMS, $1312.00 for purchase of science materials and supplies for lab for 7th grade students.
  • Jim Fipps from BBHS, $2000.00 to purchase a digital camcorder for the new BBHS TV station.
  • Jennie McCoy from BBMS, $851.00 for instructional classroom materials for history for 7th graders.
  • Jim Comlossy from NSES, BLES, BBES, $4000.00 for RenzulliLearning site license, a continuing program from last year.
  • Darrell Reynolds from BBHS, $3950.00 for Portable Science Lab Workstations
  • Julia Seaman from BBMS, $2000.00 Art Club for art supplies for an after-school art club.
  • Diane Begley and Lucy Ordway from BLES, $1930.00 enrichment program to "Meet the Masters"
  • Melanie Gruber from BLES, $1400.00 for Science Kit for 4 to 6 graders.
  • Lisa Hawks from Fallsvale ES, $1500.00 nature trail development.
  • Lisa Hahn and Sharon Knapik from BBES, $1440.00 for research-based program to increase reading fluency for grades 1 to 6.
  • Scott Waner, Sudie Smartt, Beth Gardner, Pam Reames from BBES, Deb Moore from BLES, and Jim Comlossy from NSES from BBES, BLES, NSES, $12,000.00 for the Renzulli Learning project from each of the elementary schools for an internet-based program for all students, grades 1-6.
  • Melanie Gruber from BLES, $4000 to implement a microscope science lab.
  • Mary Parks from NSES, $464 to impement an Art Club
  • Susan Rammell from NSES, $1200 to implement a Great Books program.
  • Denise Swift from BLES, $400 to support reading through her Constructions for Literacy program.
  • Jason Schetter from BBMS, $3907 to enrich and expand the Computer Lab.
  • Robin O'Hare from NSES, $3979.54 Writing with Alpha Smarts
  • Sudie Vazquez from BBES, $244.55 Dig it Musical Tale of Ancient Civilization
  • Tracy Tokunaga from BBMS, $1976.00 Technology to Enhance Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum
  • Claudia St. James from BBHS, $3169.00 the Avid program.
  • Margo Penardi from NSES, $3900.00 Inproving Speach and Language with Lap Top Computers
  • John Karns from BBHS, $4000.00 DNA Documentation
  • Cynthia Warden from BBMS, $1800.00 Project Tolerance
  • Clauria St James from BBHS, $1500.00 the further development of online education
  • Lisa Hahn and Mary Ann Lewis from BBES, $500.00 Technology Tools for Students to improve writing skills
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