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May 7, 2004

Notes from the Editor: Al

Spring has arrived in the southland and with the warm (Hot) weather we lose our snow. The spring sports at the High School are in high gear with the golf team really doing well this year in the DeAnza League. As always the Frosh-Soph Girls Softball is having another outstanding year, coached by Allan Caldwell and the Girls Varsity Softball team, coached by Mike Clifton is again in contention for the championship. There are a lot of construction projects projected for the next couple of years at the schools in the district and when you visit a year from now you will be delighted with the renovations.

We are looking forward to the Steven G. Mihaylo/ Big Bear High Foundation Annual Banquet date of Sunday, June 13, at 5:30 p.m. at the Northwoods Hotel. This is the banquet where we give out our scholarships and honor retirees from the school district. At the last board meeting, Ron Peavy, long time teacher, coach, and counselor at the High School and for the past 8 years District Superintendent, announced his retirement in August. Allan Pelliter was appointed Superintendent of the School District effective August 1, 2004. Allan is a member of the Foundation Board and our sinceriest congratulations go to Allan. We will all miss Ron.

You will be receiving your invitations in about a month. Mark the date!!!


Kathy Kinch is working hard planning the reunion for the class of 1994. Here is the latest e mail:

I hope that this finds you all well and in good cheer.This is just a note to let you all know that the final details are coming together and within the next week I will be sending an e-mail letting you know everything, including where to stay.Thedinner is going to be incredible, we are just waiting on details regarding where to stay for those of you who do not still have family on the hill.

If you know of someone who is not getting the info please pass it along to them or have them contact me.

Be Well, Kathy (Clays) Kinch

BBHS Class of 1994 Reunion, September 17th -19th, 2004

Date: Friday, Sept 17th, 2004 - Friday Night Cocktails at La Montana Mexican Restaurant. We will be arriving in-between 7-8 PM and staying until whenever, Drinks are your Financial responsibility. La Montana is on the corner of Moonridge and Big Bear Blvd at 42164 Moonridge Road. Children are allowed if you as the parent want them in a Bar situation.

Date: Saturday, Sept 18th, 2004 - BBHS Homecoming Football Game. The Game is at Big Bear Middle School theaddress is 41275 Big Bear Blvd. The Frosh/Soph Game begins at 11am and the Varsity begins at approx. 1 PM. There will be the homecoming events at half-time. (Remember who our queen was?). Come sporting your home town colors. The best guess that we got for ticket prices were $5 for adults and if you still have your ASB Card it is free.

Saturday Night - Class of 1994 Reunion Dinner at Nottingham's. The sit down dinner will be held at Nottingham's (Part of the Robinhood Inn).The address is 40797 Lakeview Drive, Big Bear Lake. There will be a Cocktail hour from 5:30 - 6:30 PM (This is not a host bar, you will be responsible for your own drinks) And then Dinner serving starts at 6:30 PM. The Menu is as follows: Spinach Salad with either Coq au Vin or Marinated Tri Tip, Garlic Cream Cheese Mashed Potatoes, Wild Rice, SeasonalVegetables, Rolls and Butter, and N.Y. Cheese Cake.Therewill be Coffeeor Teaincluded with the meal. We are going to try and have a picture slide show and a Band will be brought in after dinner, Approx 8:30 PM. So you can stay and socialize or take a walk around downtown Big Bear. At Dinner we max out at 120 people, so do not delay getting your payment in. If we hit thatnumber will start a waiting list just incase there are cancellations.There will be tables set up of 6-8 people and we will try to accommodate sitting requests. This dinner will be adults only,with the exception of nursing moms and babies(children are included at the family picnic on Sunday). Night Attire is Dress Casual or Resort Casual (no Jeans).There are a couple of deadlines, as follows:

July 1st Dinner is $45. per person ($90 per couple)
August 1st Dinner is $50. per person ($100 per couple)
At the Door Dinner is $60. per person ($120 per couple)

Date: Sunday, Sept 19th, 2004 - Family Picnic. There will be a family picnic that everyone is invited to, whether you have a family to bring or not. We will host it at the Grey Squirrel Resort (800)381-5569. They have a great recreation area with BBQ's, a playground, Volley ball court, Shuffleboard, and a heated Pool. Each family is to bring your own food and drink plus a blanket and/or lawn chairs. (We are recommending that you bring deli sandwiches and sides, unless you are staying at the resort as there is not that much BBQ space) We are planning to end in the early afternoon so that everyone can have a chance to stop by to say hi and eat on your way out of town.

Accommodations: We have two very gracious local businesses that are willing to give us a discount on their usual accommodation rates. Please call the businesses directly and promptly to ensure your reservation at their place of business. We did find out that there are a couple of big events that are also happening the same weekend, so do not delay if you do not have another place to stay while in Big Bear.

1) The Robinhood Inn (909) 866-4643, they are located in downtown Big Bear and rooms start at $89.00 per night, if you call before Aug 1st and say that you are with theBBHS Class of 1994 Reunion, they will give you a 10% discount.

2) The Grey Squirrel Resort (800)381-5569, they are located in Boulder Bay, two blocks west of the Performing Arts Center. They have rooms and cute cabins that start at $85.00 per night,if you call before Aug 1st and say that you are with the BBHS Class of 1994 Reunion, they will give you a 25% discount. There is a 14 day cancellation policy.

We look forward to seeing you all at any and/or all of the events, even if you are not planning to come to the dinner at Nottingham's but will be at the other events, please send in your reply card so that we have a relative count to let the hosting businesses know. Thank you for your time and thought in reading all of this information and if any one has suggestions for future Reunions or would like to be involved, please let us know.

Be Well, Kathy, Johanna and Jenny

If you have any questions please call Kathy at 303-814-1568/ or Johanna at 909-585-7313/ or Jenny at 909-585-2345/


Big Bear High School has a wonderful web site and I received an e mail from Patty Barr a teacher at Big Bear High who also serves as Webmaster for the web site. Patty wrote: Subject: Scholarships Al, I have added all the scholarship information for the foundation to the schools web site. The address is it is posted under the counselors section. I have also linked the to the foundation in the same area. Hope it helps. Patty Barr


(Ed. note) Received an e mail from Kathy Ward Shreves which brought back memories.
Dear Dr. Waner,
I'm Kathleen Ward, Class of '60. My sister is Beverly Ward Underwood, class of 62, mother of Tony & Steve Underwood. When you mentioned Lina Mansfield, it brought back a great memory. I remember her so well from Elementary School (which I attended from 2nd grade on--1st grade was in the American Legion Hall on Eagle Point) When a "snow day" was called, Lina would sit down and call everyone on the phone to tell them there was no school. No radio station then. I remember my mother Barbara Ward answering the phone and telling us there would be no school that day. Obviously it only happened 2 or 3 days in all my elementary years. Thanks for letting me share. Kathy Ward Shreves.

So I wrote and ask Kathy for permission to use the above e mail and she responded:

Dear Dr. Waner,
Yes, by all means share my email on the website. Our Dad was James L. Ward Plumbing in BBC and my brother in law, Terry Underwood, worked with him for about 10 years until he started his own company. Their boys, Steven and Tony Underwood, graduated from BBHS in '87 & '89, I think. Thanks, Kathy Ward Shreves

Ed. note: Well, Kathy, we still have snow days in Big Bear and this year we had to cancel school on two different occasions because of the snow. Today we have phone trees for the staffs of the various schools and the radio and Channel 6 in Big Bear broadcast if school is closed. The kids still love snow days!!!)


Dear Al and Joanne,

No problem with using my email address. I have also contacted BB alum via It is fun hearing from other BBHS students. Did you know that I met another (much younger) at a Youth Authority training a few years ago. Riffenburgh was teaching at the YA in Paso Robles. We thought it interesting that two people from such a small town should both be on the same committee from different parts of the state for an organization like the YA. You asked about my Mom (Ed. Note: Avery Wray, 2nd Grade Teacher at Big Bear elementary in the 60's and 70's) isn't doing well. Her congestive heart failure is affecting flow of oxygen to her brain, and she has difficulty speaking. We still go out every Monday, but she stays in the car while we drive around. I can no longer get her into and out of the car. When I talk to her, she still has flashes of the old fighter. I think she is an unwilling prisoner inside her own body. However, she never gives up. We have signed her up for hospice, and she is getting extra visitors and attention which she loves. She also surprises me with incisive comments on occasion (when I can understand her speech). I just keep visiting with her and assume she understands me. She still enjoys ice cream and milk shakes more than everything else. She and my little Chihuahua, Joy, have a special relationship. They visit together when I run into a store to do an errand and they stay in the car. They also share lunch on our picnics. You also asked about Al (Her brother Al Wray, was a student of mine a a good baseball player as a freshman) and he is still working in Barstow as a pharmacist and going home to the old house in Big Bear. We are all trying to get ready for retirement. He and RC are good friends and often talk on the phone during the week. They are following the stock market together. They both also like to fish. When Al visits, they go on the day boat out of Bodega Bay together. I also think he may visit one day when we do our annual trout tourney with my son and his family at Lake Isabella in April... I feel depressed about Mom, but I am lucky that one parent is still with me. She was 92 last December, but as she says, she is in her 93rd year on earth.

Love to all, Peppi.


Hi Al,

Just finished reading the newsletter and wanted to tell you how nice it is that you have that going on a regular basis. Even though I don't know a lot of the names, it brings back a lot of memories when I see someone I know. I, too, was shocked to read about Judy Bartlett's surgery. If I still have her email I will send her a message. I am recuperating from breaking bones in 3 places in my tibia and fibula due to an unfortunate run-in with a cranky step stool while doing Christmas decorating. Fortunately our youngest daughter, Jen was here and helped me into her 4Runner and off to Bear Valley Community Hospital. A week later, complete with 2 screws in the bones, I was ready to sit and do absolutely nothing for several weeks. Now, 15 weeks later, I am still trying to learn to walk upright and not like a sailboat listing in a stiff wind. I am working with Vic Oberneder and hopefully by July I'll be normal again. I say by July, because our second daughter Tina is finishing up her PhD in French at UC Davis this year and while studying in Paris 2 years ago she met a very nice Englishman and fell in love. So, the wedding is in London in July and we are trying to get the whole family over there. The wedding is just a Justice of the Peace affair, but a great reason to go back to London.

As I said, the memories brought back by the newsletter are wonderful, but you are one of the most important of those memories in my life. Thanks for being there for me. All the best to you and Joanne. Kathy

Love to all, Peppi.


Great to hear from Peppi (Wray) Clark.

Dear Al and Joanne,

I have a new great grandson born 2/19/04. His name is Zeke Xavier Green. He should have been bond on 2/18, but my granddaughter had never had surgery before and ate breakfast before reporting to the hospital for a C-section. I am still teaching at that fire camp working with CYA wards who also fight willdland fires for CDF. I also sit on something called the YAC. Under our new streamlined government, the parole board only grants or denies parole. The YAC then sets a new parole consideration date after parole is denied or an annual case review (in other wards we grant good time and adjust sentences). My students have recently found new respect for me.

Regardless of what you may have heard on the news, the YA performs a service in most cases very well. We help young men who have been predators in society change their lives, if they want to. I also try to send them on their way more educated and better equipped for the world than when they came to us. It is rewarding and frustrating work all at the same time. Sometimes I feel I am making headway, at others I can't decide if I want to cry or scream. The fire fighting my students do is notonly good for society (the state couldn't afford to pay wages to employ sufficient civilian firemen), but my students are able toexperience the rewards of being a positive member of society. Being a firefighter is often the first time these young men have received any positive appreciation. It changes many lives. I sound depressing, but I am really happy. My husband and I continue to be happily married after over 23 years...I look forward to his retiring so he doesn't have to leave town during the week for work. He doesn't want to give up the money so he goes on.

More later. Peppi (Wray) Clark

(Ed. Note: Peppi's mother was Avery Wray and I am sure some of you had Mrs. Wray in the 2nd grade at Big Bear Elementary School in the 60's.)


JoAnne and I have a condo in Redlands for the winter and although I go home to Big Bear about once a week I love to go to BBHR's web site at It has up to date infomation about Big Bear. For those of you far away from Big Bear be sure to bookmark the station. It has a couple of Big Bear High graduates working for the station. Enjoy!!!
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