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August 5, 2004

The Class of 1884 was in town this past weekend for their 20th reunion. They had a great time at the robinhood and it was good to see many of our graduates. If you are planning a reunion please let me know and we will add the information to our alumni e mailings.

KYLE HAGMAN MEMORIAL GOLF TOURNAMENT: Don't forget to sign up for the Kyle Hagman Memorial Golf tournament scheduled on Sunday, September 12, AT THE BEAR MOUNTAIN GOLF COURSE. The shotgun tee time is at 8:00 a.m., so you need to check in at 7:30 a.m. The cost is $70 a player or $280 for a foursome. It is a great day of fun and golf. If you want more information concerning the tournament or if you want to sponsor a hole for $50, please call (909) 585-7485 and talk to Tony or Elise Hagmann. All the proceeds from the tournament go to the scholarship fund for the Kyle Hagmann Scholarship and the non-profit organization "Project G.H.B." It is a great event and a worthy cause. Monies from the tournament that are given to the SGM/BBHS Educational Foundation are matched by Steven Mihaylo, class of 1961. When I talked to Tony Hagmann on Sunday, August 1, the tournament is almost filled with players so if you are interested call the Hagmanns' as soon as possible. A big thank you to Tony and Elise for their hard work in putting on this annual tournament.

Schools in Bear Valley start this week. Our schools are on a Year Round Calendar. There are lots of changes in the school administration in the district. Ron Peavy has retired and Allan Pellitier, former Director of Instruction at the District Office, is the new Superintendent. Dr. Laurie Burton, former High School Principal is Allan's replacement at the District Office in charge of Curriculum and Instruction. Dr. Rick Jameson moves from the principalship of Big Bear Middle School and is the new principal of Big Bear High School. Julie Chamberlin, former principal of Baldwin Lane Elementary School, is the new principal of Big Bear Middle School. Brian Martinez, the former assistant principal of Big Bear High School, is the new principal at Baldwin Lane Elementary School. The school board is seeking applicants for the Assistant Principalship at the High School. In my 42 years in Big Bear, I have never seen this many changes in school administration in such a short time. Best wishes to all our new administrators.


Dear Al,

Does Bob Burton have an e-mail address? If so, would your forward it to me? Ed. note: Bob Burton are you out there? Does anyone know where Bob Burton is or how we can get hold of him?

Also, my mother, Lena Mansfield, will turn 100(!) on August 3rd, 2004. You might have mentioned this in one of your previous e-mails, but would you remind your respondents of this fact and suggest that they send a Birthday card to:

Lena Mansfield
C/O Don L. Mansfield
821 Eaton, Memphis, TN 38120

(Ed. note: O.K. PEOPLE!!!! It's time to write birthday cards to Lena in care of Don. Lena was my first secretary when I was the counselor at Big Bear High School from 1967 to 1969. Lena was a great secretary and was a tremendous help to a young (33 year old counselor) who knew everything. Hope you write!!!)

Thanks for your help, Don Mansfield


Hey everyone at Big Bear High. My name is Lisa Waldron and my Aunt Amy Renick sent me a link to your Alumni update. I have been graduated since 2000, But I figured it would be nice to keep in contact with everyone seeing as how my 5 year reunion is coming up soon! I sure miss my high school days. I now live in Huntington Beach. I got a great job as a receptionist / assist in a small Attorneys firm, and presently taking classes at Golden West College for Real Estate. I still have a lot of Family in Big Bear and I love going back up to visit. I hope to stay in touch with everyone up there, give my warmest wishes to Mr. Benson and the whole Big Bear staff, thank you for such a great experience, and I hope to stop by and say hi one of these days soon.

Best wishes and lots of love, Lisa Marie Waldron


From: Judith Bartlett

I would like you to add my mother Marilyn Edison to you mailing list. She so enjoys hearing about Big Bear. Her e mail address is

I noted that Big Bear High School had an ad in the ACSA newsletter for a principal. I thought wouldn't that have been something for me to apply and end up returning to Big Bear as a principal. I know for a fact that one teacher, Mr. Fred Wilkins, would have gotten a huge laugh as I remember being kicked out of his class. However, what a great opportunity for someone to work with such a forward thinking district and have the support of the SGM foundation and great supporters such as Russ Reynolds and Al Waner and the board members of the foundation. After working with high schools that number over 3000 students and 150 faculty members, what a luxury it would be to work in the smaller school setting. I have used the story of Steven Mihaylo over and over again when I am doing teacher training and trying to stress the importance of establishing personal relationships with students and also the fact that no teacher really knows where a student will end up. Too often we judge students early by factors that really are not the determiners that we think they might be in terms of success and failure. Given some encouragement and some understanding it is amazing to what heights students can soar. Steve has given back so much to the community and helped so many others, teachers and students alike. Just think what might have been if no one took the time to care about a student beyond the length of the class day.

I am currently working with a school where all the students that attend have been expelled. These students are 2nd through 6th graders. So many of them have been so beat down, yet have real potential. It is sad to see children so young all ready being classified as failures. It is amazing to see what a little bit of true nurturing can do and how much damage can be done when it is with held. I just hope that through this school and some of its programs we can see some more Steven Mihaylo's blossom and succeed.

Judith Edison Bartlett ( 1963)



Hey all hope that your summers are going fantastic, this is just a reminder for info on the reunion, and the price is going up the longer that you wait to register.

BBHS Class of 1994 Reunion, September 17th -19th, 2004

Date: Friday, Sept 17th, 2004 - Friday Night Cocktails at La Montana Mexican Restaurant. We will be arriving in-between 7 -8 PM and staying until whenever, Drinks are your financial responsibility. La Montana is on the corner of Moonridge and Big Bear Blvd at 42164 Moonridge Road. Children are allowed if you as the parent want them in a Bar situation.

Date: Saturday, Sept 18th, 2004 - BBHS Homecoming Football Game. The Game is at Big Bear Middle School the address is 41275 Big Bear Blvd. The Frosh/Soph Game begins at 11am and the Varsity begins at approx. 1 PM. There will be the homecoming events at half-time. (Remember who our queen was?). Come sporting your hometown colors. The best guess that we got for ticket prices were $5 for adults and if you still have your ASB Card it is free.

Saturday Night - Class of 1994 Reunion Dinner at Nottingham's. The sit down dinner will be held at Nottingham's (Part of the Robinhood Inn). The address is 40797 Lakeview Drive, Big Bear Lake. There will be a Cocktail hour from 5:30 - 6:30 PM (This is not a host bar, you will be responsible for your own drinks) And then Dinner serving starts at 6:30 PM. The Menu is as follows: Spinach Salad with either Coq au Vin or Marinated Tri Tip, Garlic Cream Cheese Mashed Potatoes, Wild Rice, Seasonal Vegetables, Rolls and Butter, and N.Y. Cheese Cake. There will be Coffee or Tea included with the meal. We are going to try and have a picture slide show and a Band will be brought in after dinner, Approx 8:30 PM. So you can stay and socialize or take a walk around downtown Big Bear. At Dinner we max out at 120 people, so do not delay getting your payment in. If we hit that number will start a waiting list just incase there are cancellations. There will be tables set up of 6-8 people and we will try to accommodate sitting requests. This dinner will be adults only, with the exception of nursing moms and babies (children are included at the family picnic on Sunday). Night Attire is Dress Casual or Resort Casual (no Jeans). There are a couple of deadlines for Completed Form (below) and payment with envelope postmarked, as follows:

July 1st Dinner is $45. per person ($90 per couple)
August 1st Dinner is $50. per person ($100 per couple)
At the Door Dinner is $60. per person ($120 per couple)

Please make the check out and mail it with the Form (below) to either:

Johanna Hofmeister 1361 Midway Blvd Big Bear City, CA 92314

- or -

Jenny Hollenbaugh
P.O. Box 6622
Big Bear Lake, CA 92315

They have set up a checking account in both of their names to handle the reunion transaction. With the receipt of your check and the form you will then receive, By Mail, Souvenir Tickets for the Saturday Night Dinner, along with detailed directions and time information for each of the weekends events. If you have any questions please call Kathy at 303-814-1568/ or Johanna at 909-585-7313/ or Jenny at 909-585-2345/

Date: Sunday, Sept 19th, 2004 - Family Picnic. There will be a family picnic that everyone is invited to, whether you have a family to bring or not. We will host it at the Grey Squirrel Resort (800)381-5569. They have a great recreation area with BBQ's, a playground, Volley ball court, Shuffleboard, and a heated Pool. Each family is to bring your own food and drink plus a blanket and/or lawn chairs. (We are recommending that you bring deli sandwiches and sides, unless you are staying at the resort as there is not that much BBQ space) We are planning to end in the early afternoon so that everyone can have a chance to stop by to say hi and eat on your way out of town.

Accommodations: We have two very gracious local businesses that are willing to give us a discount on their usual accommodation rates. Please call the businesses directly and promptly to ensure your reservation at their place of business. We did find out that there are a couple of big events that are also happening the same weekend, so do not delay if you do not have another place to stay while in Big Bear.

1) The Robinhood Inn (909) 866-4643, they are located in downtown Big Bear and rooms start at $89.00 per night, if you call before Aug 1st and say that you are with the BBHS Class of 1994 Reunion, they will give you a 10% discount.

2) The Grey Squirrel Resort (800)381-5569, they are located in Boulder Bay, two blocks west of the Performing Arts Center. They have rooms and cute cabins that start at $85.00 per night, if you call before Aug 1st and say that you are with the BBHS Class of 1994 Reunion, they will give you a 25% discount. There is a 14-day cancellation policy.

We look forward to seeing you all at any and/or all of the events, even if you are not planning to come to the dinner at Nottingham's but will be at the other events, please send in your reply card so that we have a relative count to let the hosting businesses know. Thank you for your time and thought in reading all of this information and if any one has suggestions for future Reunions or would like to be involved, please let us know.

Be Well, Kathy, Johanna and Jenny


From time to time I remind you that the local Radio Station KBHR 93.5 FM has an excellent web site that keeps us informed about happenings in the valley. If you are interested then bookmark Keep informed!!!

See you next month..... Al
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