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February 14, 2005

Happy Valentines Day. Hope you received a hug from someone you loved. JoAnne and I participated in our grand daughters valentine wishes at her school at Moore Middle School in Redlands. It reminded me of all the special days at Big Bear High when we were able to purchase carnations to give to our special Valentine. It was always a great day and raised a lot of money for some club.

Have you heard about Bernie Cavanaugh's new position. Bernie was the Assistant Principal at Big Bear High from 1987 to 1994. Then he became principal of Big Bear Middle School in 1994 to 2003 when he moved to Yucaipa two years ago to assist in the district office with secondary curriculum. When the Yucaipa High Principal resigned in September of this year the board asked Bernie to take the High School Principalship on an interim basis. He found he missed being with the kids and now has been appointed as the full time principal as of December. Way to go Bernie!!!! Saw Kim (Bernie's wife, who started working at San Bernardino County as an Art specialist to all the schools in San Bernardino. She is already in demand for workshops. Bernie and Kim sold their home on Eagle Point last summer and purchased a home in Redlands.

Some guys never retire. Phil Hamilton, former principal of North Shore Elementary School, Big Bear Middle School, and Big Bear High School is now teaching the speech class for San Bernardino extension program in Big Bear. He has taken the class that Ed Stalcup taught for many, many years. Phil also teaches for Cal State University San Bernardino in the school administration program and is on the Bear Valley School Board. Boy, I sure am glad that I have been able to slow down and enjoy life since retiring.

Received a wonderful December greeting from Patrick (c.1974) and Mallory Hattaway who are Forest Rangers in their new location this year in Grand Tetons National Park, Wyoming. They have had less snow than Big Bear as of the first of the year. Their summer numbers 79 days. Mallory writes:

"The wildlife never ceases to amaze us. It's a highlight of living and working in the Yellowstone ecosystem. A cow moose and calf greeted us one spring morning outside the yard. Patrick and the district staff observed a sow Grizzly and cub in or near the housing area several times. We used our new spotting scope to watch the park's wolf pack romping through the hills AND we may now have a second pack in the north half of Patrick's district. We also followed a red fox last winter on our snowshoe trail and Pat saw a mountain lion with yearling cub feasting on an elk. We literally dined with a beaver along the Snake River. Watching bull moose lose their antler velvet, stopping for a herd of bison to cross the highway, watching innumerable migratory birds, being visited by the black bear, hearing a gray wolf howl in Yellowstone and most recently watching a pine marten romp in our neighborhood. We hope to never take any of this for granted when so many people would consider just one of these a once in a lifetime opportunity." Great life, Pat and Mallory. Thanks for the great pictures and the wonderful letter. We envy you and your life style.

Also, the Foundation received a wonderful "Mele Kalikimaka" newsletter from Doug, Michele, and Jennifer Parks. They are in their first year of retirement in Hawaii. They write:

"Our first full year time in retirement has been very meaningful and enjoyable. We are consumed with artistic, cultural academic, sporting and interpersonal events. We've also had lots of wonderful visit us on this rock. We love your visits!!! March brought wonderful courses in water coloring for Michele, orchid growing seminars for Doug and Avery difficult Hawaiian language course at the University of Hawaii for both of us. Auwe! Example: How do you say the state fish of the Hawaii? Answer: Humuhumunukunukuapua"a!!!!" They go on, "The highlight of the trip (to the US in June) was the Mihaylo Foundation Dinner. Michele and I had decided as our giveaway that we should set up two perpetual scholarships each year for two Big Bear High School minority seniors who wanted to pursue college education's. One scholarship is to go to a Native American and the other award is for a student to seek a career in floristry via college or a trade school. It was a wonderful night." They were planning an extended trip in December to South America. The Elementary School really misses Doug and his creative teaching style. The High School staff really misses Michele and her beautiful flower arrangements. Jennifer (Class of 2003) was a great student and skier at Big Bear High School. It was great to have them with us at the Annual Scholarship Awards Banquet and students for years to come will benefit from the Parks Scholarships. Aloha!!!!

I asked Laura Bulrice for a copy of the type of Mini Grant Projects the SGM? BBHS foundation awarded this year. This is a great program and is possible because Jim and Sharon Bollingmo started this program through the foundation. Here is her report.

TO: Steven G. Mihaylo Education Foundation Board Members
FROM: Laura Bulrice, Programs Committee
SUBJECT: Update on Mini Grant Projects

Mini Grant #1 - Proposal for a new, computerized kiln and some new glazing material for BBHS.
Teacher Jill Mix reports that they have ordered and received all materials ordered with the grant money. She stated that a plug needed to be changed out before they could use the new kiln; however, thanks to the ROP the receptacle replacement should be completed soon. They will begin using the new glazes this week. Ms. Mix is making a digital photo journal on the kiln use, glaze use, and also finished products made by the students. She will be producing a power point presentation that will be available later this semester.

Mini Grant #2 - Headsprout proposal for a supplemental computer reading program for kindergarten students at BBES.
Kindergarten teacher Debra Davis reported that the program was ordered and purchased in October and was put immediately into use by the two kindergarten classes. This interactive computer program engages the students by requiring them to see an alphabet letter on the screen, listen to the sound, see and hear the word that is on the screen, say the word, and then identify the word in a sentence on the screen by pointing and clicking the mouse. Student progress is monitored through the program itself. The Board members are invited to come by BBES on a Friday from 11:30 to 1:00 p.m. to see this program in action.

Mini Grant #3 - The Mobile Computer Projection Unit project at BBMS.
Teacher Jason Schetter reports that the mobile projection unit is up and running and is in high demand from teachers. Students are being treated to multimedia presentations using Power Point, developing student-generated rubrics using Microsoft Excel and watching educational videos on the big screen. Perhaps the best impact of the mobile projection unit is that students are coming to the computer lab prepared to learn. This preparedness makes for more efficient use of the lab and has had a greater impact on achieving student learning outcomes.

Mini Grant #4 - Career Center Resource Expansion proposal to add computer technical support and resources to BBHS to help students investigate career pathways.
Janna Roberts, Career Center Aide, reports that the student assessments have been ordered and received. She has not yet ordered the computer airports or the miscellaneous support items because of the changes occurring at BBHS and the lack of a computer lab and technical support. She has a meeting this week with Andrew Jordan to prepare the order for the airports. The remaining support items will be ordered soon.

Mini Grant #5 - Art Instruction project for Chautauqua High School.
Teacher Julie Rogers reports that the art supplies have been purchased for a special art class that will be taught by Paula Bradley, an artist from the Parks and Recreation Department. She will be teaching the students sketching and painting with pastels. The first class was scheduled for last Friday, January 21.

I read and downloaded this article from the KBHR radio web site this last week.

Commendations for Big Bear Sons (2/10/05 12:30pm)

Today's Army & Air Force Hometown News Release mentions honors for two men with local ties: Army Sgts. Brandon A. Bailey and Kristopher R. Van Beveren. Both troops have been decorated with the Army Commendation Medal for participating in Operation Iraqi Freedom II. The medal is awarded to individuals who, while serving in any capacity with the Army, have distinguished themselves by acts of heroism, meritorious achievement or meritorious service. Bailey is a 2001 graduate of Big Bear High School and is the son of Michele and Brad Beers of Big Bear City. The sergeant is a Bradley gunner with three years of military service. Van Beveren is the son of Wayne Van Beveren of Big Bear City and Ruth Powers McDonald of Manhattan Beach. He is a squad leader with four years of military service.
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