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March 29, 2005

I realize that your just received and e-mail from BBHS a couple of weeks ago but I knew you would want to know about Mike Motherspaw's memorial service last Wednesday in big Bear.

Mike Motherspaw Memorial:

We are so sad to tell you about the death of Mike Motherspaw. The memorial service for Mike was held at the Community Church on March 16. More than 700 people crammed into and around the worship center/gym for the service. People parked as far away as the old Safeway parking lot (currently Cavalry Chapel) and walked to the service. The service was conducted by Pastor Jerel Hagerman from Joshua who is Kyle's roommates father. Kyle is a student at Redlands University. Kathy, Julie, and Julie's two daughters, and Irv Nichols (close friend of Mike's) came to the podium and brought comfort to us all with their stories of Mike. Many old Big Bear families from the past were present. The Jacobsons, the McGraths, the Reynolds, the Sanchezs and many former teachers, alumni and friends gave the memorial service a feel of a Big Bear High reunion. People came from all over Southern California to support the family. Many of Kyle's High School friends were there to support Kyle.

Mike's younger brother was Mark and his little sister was Julie (77). Julie married Ron Conger (78). Mike returned home from finishing college in the early 70's and married Kathy Layahe, a home economics teacher at Big Bear High School. Kathy has been a high school counselor for the past 20 years. Mike and Kathy have a son Kyle who was an outstanding field goal kicker for the Bears Football team a couple of years ago and is currently attending Redlands University. Kyle is remembered in Bear Football lore for kicking the winning field goal against Beaumont several years ago as the game ended and the Big Bear crowd went wild.

For many years Mike ran a ski rental shop in Big Bear. He also was a substitute teacher in the schools and was sought by many teachers to take their class when he substituted. Mike's father, Pat, was head of Cal Trans Roads in Big Bear for more than 40 years. His mother, Joyce, was the PTA president of the Elementary School and Mom and Pops President of the High School and put on some of the most community involved fun raising carnivals in the 60's and 70's. She worked for the district as an aid until her recent retirement.

Just a personal note: Mike was on my baseball team in the 1960's. He was a fun person to be with and was always a joy to be around. When we lost a baseball game you could count on Mike to still be cheerful and revive our spirits for the long bus ride home. Mike will be sorely missed in Big Bear. We extend our condolences to the family and pray that God will give them strength to move on with their lives.


The Big Bear High School Class of 1985 is Planning Its 20 Year Reunion! The date is Saturday, October 1, 2005 for the main event with a pre-reunion mixer on Friday, September 30th and a Family Picnic on Sunday, October 2nd. Please visit our reunion web site at for details. Reunion contacts are Annette Davis Nueske at (720) 200-1099 hm, (303) 641-1836 cell, OR Chris Knox Taylor (909) 627-3431 hm, (909) 996-6431 cell,

Annette D. Nueske
Operations Manager

A few days later I received the official Web site for the class of 1985. Wow, Impressive. Here it is. The live version even has music. Unbelievable!!!! Al

Welcome to the official web site of the Big Bear High School Class of 1985!


Reunion Contacts:
Annette Davis Nueske
(720) 200-1099 hm
(303) 641-1836 cell

Chris Knox Taylor
(909) 627-3431 hm
(909) 996-6431 cell

Reunion Committee:
Steve Cardinal -
Charlie Arviso -
Lisa Effron Ludwig -
Brad Kerst -
Chris Knox Taylor -
Annette Davis Nueske -

Do you have some fun photos that you can share? We are looking for memorable photos to include on this site and in our memory CD and slideshow. If you have some photos that you are willing to share, please email them in .jpeg format to Brad Kerst at Thank you!

Please check back to this site often for new information and announcements. You will be able to purchase tickets and other fun items online once the details are confirmed.

Please forward this web site information to any classmates you are in contact with. We are making every effort to get in touch with every former classmates.

SK&T Integration Inc.
10841 Crossroads Dr., Suite 205
Parker, CO 80134
(720) 851-9108 ofc.
(720) 851-8663 fax
(303) 641-1836 mobile
On Mar 13, 2005, at 11:34 AM, John E Hallimore wrote to me:

Isn't it Dr. Al Waner, if I remember correctly?
How are you.........still kicking and active I see. At 55 years old, I am probably catching up to you 'old' teachers. I'll bet the age difference is so much closer now after all of these years. How is Harold Graham doing? I would like to get his e-mail address if you have it. He is the one guy who meant a lot to me and I never saw or heard from him again (maybe just once after I returned from Viet Nam). I try to keep in touch with Bill Ledger and Zane Johnson. I have been by to see Dave Huether and Jim Blauer over the years...........still a great bunch of guys. I just heard from Bill last night. He told me about Mike Motherspaw untimely death. What a shame. I remember him as such a nice guy. My wife remembers him from one of the reunions (was it the 25th?). She recognized him also as just 'a good guy'. There is so much water under the bridge.

Life has been very good to me. I am not sure why God has blessed me so, there is so little trauma in my life. I have a wonderful wife and two grown children that I am very proud of. Jessica, my 25 year old daughter, graduated from a small Christian college in Salem, Oregon, named Western Baptist (I believe that is the name). She currently works in the HR department at Biola University in Fullerton. My son is 21, and in the 82nd Airborne Division, stationed currently in Fort Bragg, NC. He was an excellent student, and at the end of one year of college informed us he was going into the service and requested that we not try to talk him out of it. I don't wish participation in war on anyone and it was difficult because he chose Airborne Infantry. He had a short deployment to Afghanistan during their elections, and may go back there soon for another year. I would prefer that to him going to Iraq where so many in his division are currently deployed. But then it is out of my hands.

At 55, I feel as though I am starting to understand some of the essence of life, motivations and some secrets to happy living (just being thankful is probably one of the big ones). One of my challenges is to pass that on to my children before they reach my current age, and trying to encourage them to understand and reach their potential. I am sure you understand what I am talking about.............I know this because you are participating in something that is beyond yourself which encourages others (this news letter).

After 3 years of teaching, General Contracting for 10 self-employed years and now I am on my 17th year working for the County of Sacramento. I am currently one of the managers in the Building Department. I will retire in about 7 more years. Take care Al. I hope this finds you and your family well. John E. Hallimore

I e-mailed Harold Graham with John Hallimores e-mail and he responded to Johns e-mail:

Hello John,
Al forwarded your communication and it was great to hear from you and about you. I always considered you to be special and am not surprised at your success (I had faith that even though you could not move to your right on the court, that you would likely make many right moves in your life)!

Al and I have remained close friends now for about fifty five years but I do not see him very often because I very seldom visit Big Bear and he and Joanne, like many in Big Bear, do not travel much further than San Bernardino. Al handled my mom's burial ceremony last month, and married both of our kids in past years (my mother was 96 and always very healthy and independent but continually close to our family and activities). Al better not handle my burial because I don't want him outlasting me because I need to enjoy as much time as possible here because I likely will not have as much reward thereafter as Al based on the good deeds to date!

I am trying to get up enough interest to ski at Big Bear this week before the snow conditions deteriorate. I took my kids, spouses, grandchildren to Whistler last month but the snow was the worst in thirty years at the time that Big Bear had their best in thirty years. I do not ski much except once a year if a family reunion is arranged (we have traveled to Europe as a family four of the past six years and then Whistler the other two years to better accommodate for infant grandchildren).

I play golf at least five times weekly for most weeks of the year. I have recently started playing some badminton, but my skills and foot speed are much slower than I remember. I occasionally play one on one basketball with my son-in-law at the back of my house but again my skills and foot movement probably not good enough to even get around your two stretched arms and little bunny hop of about 30 inches straight up.

Eileen and I are in reasonably good health (as much as we can tell) and have enjoyed a good life and good friends as residents in Newport Beach since we quit teaching in 1978. I got into commercial real estate at the right time and with the right people and the timing made up for many mistakes.

It was great to hear that you are well and with such a good foundation in your work and family. I am still trying to tell my kids what they should do, and they remain nice about letting me ramble but I do not see much movement based on my efforts. Best of luck in your efforts.

Best wishes,
Harold Graham

Received an e-mail from a Randi (Seaman) Nedom who was a special student and friend to me and I remember taking her home from youth group with her sister, on several occasions.

Hello Al,
I don't know how you got my email address, but it was good to read the newsy missive. Thank you. Kandi has an email address, but Sandi doesn't read her mail, and everything always bounces back from her crammed mailbox! :-) :

Kandi's daughter, LeeAnn is getting married on Saturday at my mom's ranch in Lucerne Valley. If my husband gets over the flu, we plan to drive down. We've been looking forward to seeing everyone.

Marty and I both retired from teaching 10 1/2 years ago, when he hit retirement age, and moved to Sonora, CA. We love it here. The Lord has been good to us.

Good hearing from you,
Randi (Seaman) Nedom

I wrote Randi and asked if I could use the above e-mail in the next alumni e-mailing. Here is her reply:

Hello again,
Sure you may use me email. I've had an interesting year too, that you might mention. I've been on the Grand Jury for Tuolumne County. I've really enjoyed learning about local government. Have been delighted to see what hard working, clear thinking civil servants we have for the most part. I read the newspaper with much more interest and understanding than I had previously!

F.Y.I. AL,
I'm delighted to tell you that all of our family is walking close to the Lord. Sandi and Rudy's daughter and son-in-law are full-time staff at Hume Lake, and their youngest has been summer staff for two years, and will be returning this year. Sandi, Kandi, their husbands and kids, and Mom are all active in their churches and excited about the Lord and His Word. (Marty and I are too.)

Dad (Seaman) died in the 80s. Mom was very ill two years ago, but is doing great now. Mom is still selling real estate and has the guest ranch. We are all encouraging her to down-size and take it easy!

Love to your family from ours,


Remember several months ago that I challenged all former Big Bear High Graduates to send a contribution to the The Bear Valley Unified District Office, in care of Shelli Knott, P.O. Box 1529, Big Bear Lake, Calif., 92315 for the scholarship fund. Well the great news that since October we have raised over $60,000 to be added to the endowment fund which now has more than $600,000 in endowment monies. We have matched the one half needed to meet the gift of $110,000 by Steven Mihaylo (Class of 1961) in July. As most of you know, Steve matches every dollar that is contributed (if it is added) to the endowment fund. This coming year the foundation will grant over $27,000 in scholarships and over $14,000 in mini grants in addition to the class offerings of our after school and summer school programs. Our Annual Scholarship Awards banquet this year will be Sunday June 12 at 6:00 p.m. at Northwoods Hotel. What an organization!!!!
Another e-mail from a former student:

Thank you for the email!
I am not sure how I received it ...I am glad that I did... Here are a few people I have contact with: Jacque Gilligan a classmate, Marian Long, my sister and Charlene Green my sisters classmate. The email address are...

Jacque Gilligan Pollard -
Charleen Green -
Marian Long & Charlie -

Not too much to say at this end. I live in Boise, Idaho with my 2nd husband. My sons and their families live here. My sister and her partner are moving here. I am a salesman/facilitator for a company call Innovative Learning Group/Wings Seminars. I love it! It's fun to hear about Bill Cleary and Peppy Clark. I was surprised about Harold's mom...glad to hear Harold is still around.

Thank you Again
Sylvia (Long) Cochran
class of 67'

Hi Dr. Waner
Thank you for sending me the news of Big Bear. Even though I am still here in Big Bear, but out of the school district, I don't always hear what is going on. I enjoy hearing what is going on too. I was in the class of 72, Irene class of 74, my brother Glen, 68, sister annette 74 Irenes sister Jeannie Harder Lonsberry 69 and will pass this on to those we know. Our son Nolan will graduate in 2006.

Thanks again and hoping all is well with you and JoAnne. And thank you for taking the time to put this together.

Best Wishes, Don and Irene Warriner
Big Bear Lake

I had a wonderful this past weekend playing in the Big Bear Rotary Golf Tournament in Apple Valley to raise money for scholarships. My partner was my grandson, Drew (Scott's son) and we teamed up with Victor and Joesph Filia. Have you ever seen a 9th grader hit a golf ball over 250 yards? Drew and I were in awe all day with their long drives. We are so fortunate to live in a community which supports our graduates with scholarships. GREAT JOB ROTARY!! Next year see if you can keep the wind below 20 miles per hour. We'll be back next year.

The Lake Level is 5' 6" from the top of the dam as of March 14, 2005. That matches the lake level of July 2000. We still need a couple more rains to reach the top of the dam. The lake level on October 18 was 17'6" from the top. Maybe we can receive a few more rain storms before the rainy season is over and fill the lake. Keep on thinking positive thoughts.

Be sure to write to me. I would love to hear from you. This corny home grown e-mail now goes out to more than 650 Big Bear Alumni around the world. AMAZING!!!! If you want to add someone's e-mail address please send the e-mail address to the Foundation web site below.
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