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SGM Big Bear High School Education Foundation Alumni Newsletter
June 6, 2005

We have had a great spring sports year at Big Bear High. The weather was not conducive to spring sports and played havoc with the softball and baseball teams. In spite of the weather our Varsity Boys Baseball team has advanced to the third round of C.I.F. playoffs. They play off the hill this week and will have to travel to Los Angeles. The girls Frosh Soph team had another good year with very few returning letterman. The Frosh Soph Boys baseball team was fighting for the championship right to the last game. Way to go Big Bear High Sports!!!!!

This next e-mail I received needs some explanation. The Steven G. Mihaylo/Big Bear High School Foundation sponsors after school programs. The teachers are paid to teach these after school programs and parents pay a small fee to take the classes. Debbie Sarkisian directs the program with the help of other volunteers. This summer the school district will be on traditional school calendar, September to June, not the year round schedule they have followed for the past several years. Debbie volunteered to greatly expand the class offerings for the summer school program so students could have an enjoyable and learning enriched summer.

She has been working with the school district for several months planning the program. The 61 classes mentioned in the e-mail below are the classes the Foundation will sponsor this summer. Thanks goes to newly retired superintendent, Ron Peavy, who is assisting Debbie in the planning and implementation of the classes and to the school district administration for assisting with the summer program. It takes a lot of cooperation and effort to pull this program off. Now on to the memo I received from Debbie Sarkisian:

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick update: I wanted to thank everyone for your hard work and help with our Summer School Program. We currently have 61 classes being offered. Our programs will begin from July 5 - August 31st. Our classes will be held at Baldwin Lane, Big Bear High School, Big Bear Middle School, Chautauqua, and the Discovery Center.

A list of our classes:
Mythology Art in 2D Gold Mining
American Sign Language Jewelry Making Moonridge Animals
Increase your Vocabulary Scenes and Monologues JPL Trip
Reading Intermediate Art Flight Aviation
Improve Critical Thinking Masterpiece of the Week Battles of World History
Creative Story Writing Guitar Astronomical Society
Chorus Recorders Shakespeare
Handbell Jazz to Rock Gourd Birdhouses
Computer Skills Presentation Skills Ocarina-Ceramics
Tennis Basketball Mayan Math
Football Soccer Hand made Paper Making
Softball Several Running Clinics Storytelling, Music and Dance campfire

Our catalog will be mailed individually to all of our BVUSD students by May 23rd. We will be marketing on KBHR, Grizzly, Channel 6, Flyers through school sites, Dial-outs, booths at each of the School Open Houses.

The most exciting form of advertising will be in all of our DWP water bills, starting mid June. The water bill insert will allow us to market to our second home owners down the hill. A big, big thank you to DWP for their support.

I wanted to ask each of you to please start promoting our programs, specifically your own classes. We need to start talking it up and spreading the word. I know that some of you have already started doing this.

I really wanted to express how important each of you are to this program. We could not do it without you. I want to sincerely thank you, but most importantly, the children of Big Bear would like to thank you.

Also, I would like to thank Mr. Allan Pelletier, Mr. Ron Peavy and the entire Mihaylo Board for their participation and support.

If any of you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them. Please feel free to contact me 584-8267, or at

We have only one focus in our mission - KIDS!! I will be in touch, Debra

Editors note: IS DEBBIE GREAT OR WHAT? Keep up the good work Debbie.


I received an e-mail from the class of 75 and 76 from Betty Singleton Hammers. All you 75 and 76 graduates plan to attend. Al
Dear Al Waner and Phil Hamilton,

We are planning a 30 year reunion for the classes of 1975 & 1976. It will be the weekend of July 22-24, 2005. We would like to include as many of the teachers as possible. Can you give me any information such as addresses, phone numbers or email addresses for the following teachers? Even if you could just forward this email to them so that they could respond if interested that would be of great help! Thank You! We have a great reunion committee consisting of the people whose addresses are listed above and believe it will be a wonderful event.

Thank you,
Betty Singleton Hammers

Received an e-mail from Kevin Danelson, class of 85. His mother Linda was one of the best teacher aides this district will ever have. Here is the e-mail:
Hello Dr. Waner,

This is, Kevin Danelson writing you, Larrie Jo's youngest son. I just received the Alumni Newsletter from my Mom's dear friend and mine, Bonnie "Peaco" Hathorn. I belong to the class of 1985 and look forward to returning to Big Bear for the 20 year class reunion in October. Hope to see you then!

I would like it if you could add me to the mailing list for the newsletter; I find it very interesting and sad at the same time. I had no idea about Mike Motherspaw no longer with us. Can you please let me know how he passed? I thought he was a great guy and a good friend as well along with Kathy they made living in Big Bear something special, in a small town way. And to hear of Jim's passing as well is a real blow, needless to say. How?

I live in Scottsdale, AZ. for the last 5 years and love it! I moved out of the grime of So Cal (Hermosa Beach) thanks to my Boss relocating here to retire. I work for the Hormel's ( as there family manager in which we have 47,000 employees that work for us worldwide. I handle the "Day to Day" operations of the Enterprise. Formerly, I was Managing several recording artist for our record label, Capitol. The move to AZ has been incredible, since I love to Golf and guess what? No 2 1/2 hour commute!

I was lucky to be able to be raised in a "great" community like Big Bear Lake and hope maybe one day, as long as the Real Estate prices don't keep me, come back and raise my own family.

Keep in touch!!

Best Regards,
Kevin Danelson

Email from Judy Edison which I thoroughly enjoyed:
Somehow I missed the news about Mike Motherspaw. It is always sad to hear about the premature loss of an individual. I believe that I babysat for the Motherspaw family on occasion. Of course we all knew the family and send our sincerest sympathy to Joyce and all the family.

Yesterday at lunchtime I walked to the Traveling Vietnam Wall Memorial and made a rubbing of the name of Donald N. Cooper. The Cooper family and ours had a very close relationship growing up. We still maintain that relationship. Richy Cooper was my sisters age, Donnie was my age, and Jimmy and Cheri were born 3 days apart. Jimmy (or as he goes by now JIM) Eidson (my brother) just spent a weekend in Arizona with Dave and Cheri (Cooper) Lovingfoss celebrating their respective birthdays. He is hoping to retire from 25 years of being on the police force at Lake Havasu, Arizona. This winter we moved Mom (Marilyn Eidson) and her travel trailer to Havasu where she spent the winter. She really enjoyed it, and at 82 was doing water aerobics several times a week. At Spring Break we moved her back to Colorado. However, she flew to Fresno this past week to celebrate my daughter's graduation from Fresno Pacific University, my son's marriage, and mother's day. My sister Patti (Eidson) Sherrett and her husband joined us from their home in Riverside.

As always, I love hearing from you and the past alumni from BBHS and always am reminded of how lucky all of us were to grow up in Big Bear when we did and to have had such a wonderful bond with our teachers, community members, and each other. This is so lacking in our large urban schools and cities today.

I also have to say I am always struck by how many alumni write in and mention saying hello to a particular teacher or administrator from the past. It is a reminder of the daily work we do within our school system and how much each of us really can impact the life of a student. I think it was that type of relationship that has had really made me a much better educator. I just love going places and hearing a voice from a crowd, or in a parking lot, or in the mall saying "Mrs. Bartlett remember me, I was one of your students." and then they go on to tell me what they are now doing with their lives. On such an occasion last weekend in the parking lot of WalMart, I said to my husband - "See this is what is all really about." It puts into perspective all the budget woes, political squabbling and sometimes despair into its place and renews the commitment to making sure that establishing a relationship with students (employees and people in general) is paramount to any testing scores, state rankings, or daily budget rates.

Thank you for all the work you do for the foundation and to keep this newsletter coming. It is really appreciated by all of us.

Just an added thought. The good thing about having graduated in 1963 is that I went to school with Steve Mihaylo and remember him. He was in the same class with my sister. His story is an inspiration to all of us, and I use it often to tell educators just how important it is to reach out to students and that we really never know what or how they will turn out.

Judith Eidson Bartlett Class of "63"
(I almost hate to admit it has been that long)

From: Debby Hughes
Thank you so much for sending this - I had no idea such a newsletter was circulating!!

Email from Bill Cleary in Japan,
Hi Al,

Please add the following to your mailing list:

Jack Cleary; 64'
Mike Cleary; 65'
Carol Cleary (Marshal); 68'
Chris Cleary (Widowich); 70'
Mary Ann Cleary; 74'
Frank Cleary; 79'

If you get all the Jacobsons' addresses (ten), that would really expand the list.

Keep up the good work. Bill

I received an E mail from Darrell Reynolds, class of 1975. Darrell is a teacher at Big Bear High School and he married Sue DeLaurie, class of 1976. Sue is a teacher at the Middle School. They have two very involved and talented students in our schools. Darrell's e-mail read:
Hi Al,
"I talked to Jim Saladin today and he said I could pass his e-mail on to you for your news letter." Jim Saladin ( My e-mail is

Scott and Grandpa Russ went over to Mr. Moore's house today to get some help putting clubs together when they ran into Drew (my grandson) getting a new golf set from Mr. Moore. Scott (Darrell's son) has really enjoyed the clubs Mr. Moore made for him. He is trying to learn how to put clubs together now. Really has been fun to see his interest in this growing sport.

Hope this gets to you OK.

By the way Jack Bailey is heading up a reunion for the Class of 1975 this summer. Sandy Procter is also heading up a reunion for the class of 1976. The two classes are going to try to combine in a get together. I don't have any details. I only know they are asking for help in getting in contact with people. I don't know if your address base could help them in this endeavor. They have probably already talked to you.


Hi Al,
My name Dan Blum, class of '67'. I just heard about Mike Motherspaw. What a shock. I also just heard about Jim Bollingmo. Please add my name to the list of alumni. My Email address is thanks.

Dan Blum

I received this e mail from Neal (my son) who received the e mail from scott Meier, class of 1980. Scott Meier's son races cars professionally and here is the e mail. Enjoy, Al
Dear Supporter,
I wanted to give you a quick update of this past weekend's race at Irwindale Speedway:

I was unfortunately one of the slowest cars on Friday during practice. We struggled all night to get the car to handle properly. However, once Saturday came around, it was an entirely different story! We put new right side tires on the car and this fixed all of our handling issues. Of the 21 cars entered in the race, we were the fastest in both Saturday practice sessions. When it came time for qualifying, I knew that I had a great car that could win the pole (first) position. After the entire field had qualified, I had the fastest time by exactly one tenth of a second over second place; which is a very large time difference in motor racing! This gave me the "Fast Qualifier" award which is a great honor in USAC. But it is an even bigger deal for me because I am one of, if not the youngest driver in USAC's 50 year history to ever win this award! Because of the six car invert, I would start sixth for the 35 lap main event. During the race I spent 33 laps attempting to pass the fifth place driver, before finally completing the pass. However, this only left two laps for me to catch the leaders. Needless to say, despite quickly catching the leaders, I ran out of laps to make the pass and finished fifth. I was happy with the finishing position, however rather disappointed at the fact that I again had a car that could have won the race. We now have one weekend off before having another three races in a row. I am extremely excited about the next few races, because my new crew and I are working wonderful together. The last two weeks, the team has given me a great car that has been very competitive and in time I'm sure we will end up in victory lane.

On another note, my family and I continue working to find more supporters to help me with this great opportunity. We are hopeful that in the next few weeks we will be able to add a few more sponsors to our group. As you can imagine, the costs continue to climb and we are forever grateful for your support.

Jace Meier
Ron Sutton's Winner's Circle Race Team

The lake is only 2 feet from being full. We have gained 15'6" this year. The lake is beautiful. Hope to see you this summer. Al
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