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SGM Big Bear High School Education Foundation Alumni Newsletter
March 29, 2006

Well this email newsletter is long again. There is a lot going on in Big Bear!!!! Hope you enjoy it!!!!


It is now official. At the March 15, the Board of Trustees meeting of the school district voted to name the Middle School Gym the "Bob Perkins Gym" in honor of Randy Perkins father. I sure you know by now that Randy gave $100,000 for the Middle School athletic program. We will have the naming ceremony on September 16, at 7:00 p.m. in the Middle School Gym following the homecoming game. We are planning an All Years Class Reunion for the occasion. The entire event will be free. Hope you plan to join us!!!!! Randy has given $16,666 as part of the gift to the Stephen G. Mihaylo Educational Foundation for two scholarships in his family's name. The scholarships will be given at the Foundation Banquet on June 11.


This years SGM/BBHS Education Foundation banquet will give out more than 25 scholarships. The event will be held June 11 at 6:30 p.m. at Northwoods. If you would like to attend call 909-866-4631 and ask for Shelli Black for more information. Reservation announcements will be sent out May. It will be a packed event again this year.


Well, Dick Kun, SGM/BBHS Foundation Board Member and CEO of Snow Summit and Bear Mountain wanted a "March Miracle" and Big Bear got it on the weekend of Mach 10, 11, and 12 and it just keeps snowing. The valley has received over three feet of cold fluffy snow which made the ski runs the best of the year. All ski slopes are open and business is great.

Ryan Hall has done it again!!!

Ryan Hall recently won the United States 1500-meter race and will qualify to race in Japan this summer in the World Championships. His wife, also a distance runner, also qualified. What a time these two young athletes are having as distance runners traveling the world together. Recently Mickey Hall, Ryan's father, had a great article in the Grizzly. Here is a portion of the article:

(GRIZZLY) Sports
Altitude is everything
Wednesday, March 8, 2006 3:57 PM PST

Mickey Hall faced a big decision this year. Leave Big Bear for a lucrative job as a distance running coach at University of Nebraska or remain to coach a group of talented kids he has grown to love. It was a no-brainer, according to the 11-year veteran of the Valley's cross country and track program. Coach Hall turned down Nebraska, stayed in Big Bear and he doesn't regret it.

"Nebraska wanted me to make 25 recruiting trips a year and I didn't want to move my family," Hall said.

The coach, who trained his son Ryan Hall to the California record in the mile, believes he will have more success here in Big Bear. "I train kids at altitude and Nebraska is pretty flat. I can get kids fast here; I don't know about there."

Hall traveled a long and windy road to find a home in Big Bear and a place among the track and field community. A road that took him of all places, Australia. It was in rural Bort, Australia, where Hall developed a unique way of finding talent.

"I was at an Australian Rules football game and I was calculating the distance one of the players, Dennis Boyle, was running up and down the field. I figured it to be about 15 miles," Hall said. "After the game, I approached the kid and asked him if he had ever run the mile. He said yes but he hadn't trained for it."

Hall has coached the Big Bear Track and Field Fitness Club, it does not have official team status, for 11 years and has been one of the most successful coaches in the area, evident through the team's recent cross country success. The Bears had to beat out defending CIF Southern Section cross country champs Orange Lutheran and defending state champs Laguna Beach to win the 2005 CIF Southern Section championship this past fall. The feat wasn't easy. Both teams return six of seven runners from their championship seasons.

For Mickey Hall the joys of teaching the basics of running to his Big Bear Track Club far outweigh the potential fame of college track. "I love the group of kids I have here," Hall said. His commitment to Big Bear should garner returns this year as the Bears look strong headed by a core of exceptional runners. When the season ends Hall's decision to stay in Big Bear may look even wiser.

Mickey, you are blessing to the youth of Big Bear High School through your teaching and your working with the long distance runners in our community. Keep it up, Mickey!!!!


Have you heard about another Big Bear High School student who is making news in the Inland Empire. I am talking about Scott Proctor, son of Sandy (Sanchez) Proctor. Scott recently received
  • Honored by the National Football Foundation, College Football Hall of Fame.
  • One of Ten Honorees, San Bernardino County, All Divisions...
  • Scholar/Athlete - Accomplishments on the football field and in the classroom.
This article is from the program where Scott was honored recently. Quote,
"Scott Proctor is all about versatility, as is evidence by the positions he has played over his career at Big Bear High School - Running Back, Quarterback, Defensive Back, Kick Returner and Kicker. The 5 foot 11 inch, 155 pound multi-position player was recognized in his Junior year as a 2nd Team All League Quarter Back and was chosen Offensive Player of the year, he was recognized as a 1st Team All De Anza-League & 1st Team All-County performer in 2005, and was chosen as the Most Valuable Player of the Big Bear High School Team, his awards include being selected as the Doc Lieski Scholar/Athlete of the year and Golden Bear recipient.

Scott is a three sport athlete while carrying an impressive academic workload as well, Scott carries a 4.0 GPA. He is a lifetime member of the CSF Honor Roll, and was also inducted into the National Honor Roll. Head Coach Dave Griffiths says of Scott "He is one of the most respected athletes in the De Anza League. Other coaches and players ask about him by name. He is also respected by everyone on campus and by those in the community... But his athletic abilities are surpassed only by his strength of character he shows on and off the field........"

Great job Scott and way to go mom and dad Proctor.

All back editions of the email newsletter on the SGM/BBHS website. Blessings to Zoltan Bircsak our Alumni email Webmaster who has placed all the back editions of the alumni email newlsetters on the SGM/BBHS web site. If you have missed some of the past editions you can now find them by going to and at the bottom of the page touch the link "Newsletter". Please send this newsletter to your Big Bear friends and alumni of Big Bear High.

After the February email newsletter I received some great e mails.

From Art Gilbreth,
"If you happen to have an email or address for those people who were in school between the dates of 1956 to 1960 I would sure like to have them. Just sent in my $30.00 for my Brick (for the Middle School Courtyard). Just put my brick over 1956 -1960 Dicks LeRoy's. My information is below.

Art Gilbreth.

From Mary Ann Cleary, class of 1974.
When I graduated from BBHS (class of 1974) you gave me the "I Dare You Award." Actually, I think you felt sorry for me because all of my brothers and sisters had amounted to so much, and I hadn't. I guess you decided that I came from a good gene pool and some day that I would make something of myself. Well I am not going to appear on Oprah, however I have been touching the lives of preschoolers (and their families) for the past 25 years and making a difference in our small Northern California town of Paradise. Thanks for daring me, I didn't think I had it in me, but you knew better.

Sincerely, Mary Ann Cleary
l responded:
Mary Ann,
All of your brothers and sisters were great students. Your parents were wonderful Bear Boosters. I usually selected a student for the "I Dare You Award" who I knew had great talent and would use the "I Dare Award" as a challenge to fulfill the students talents. You have certainly done that. Blessing upon you!!!
Then Mary Ann wrote back with this message:
If you have the time, you may like to visit my web site

Thank you, Mary Ann
Well, I visited Mary Ann's web site and it was wonderful. If you have time visit her web site. The preschool movement is the next big wave of the future.

I wrote back to Mary Ann and asked what her role was with the pre-school program and this is her response.
Hi Al,
Pee Wee is my baby. I own it. I started it 25 years ago to stay home with my son. I started in my home and after 7 years I began renting rooms from a church. I rented there for 16 years and then two years ago this month we moved into our brand new facility. We are licensed for 83 children now. I pretty much just teach Pre-K and handle the money. I have a director that handles all the boring things like scheduling and employee relations. Mary Ann
Mary Ann, Bless you. What a great opportunity for the families in your community to have a great pre-school for their children. Keep it up!!!!!! Al

Dear Al-

It was so nice talking to you and your wife. I would really appreciate your help in locating Gary Glen Wilson and will wait to hear from you. I attended B.B.H.S. for one year in 1953 and have lost touch with everyone . I need to come out and visit, I probably would not recognize anything !

Many Thanks for any help, Sandy Mclean Kress.
O.K. alumni --- this goes back to the 50's in Big Bear. Remember Fawn Lodge in Fawnskin owned by the Wilson family. Anybody know the Wilson boys where abouts? Please write to me at Al

From: Judith Bartlett
Wow!!!!! I am always so impressed with what alumni do for BB. I know the power that teaching and working with education can have. I tell the stories of Steve, Randy and the custodian who gave back to the community over and over again as an example of what impact we can have on the lives of others. It is so important to continue to shine a flashlight of consciousness on the possibilities ahead for our students, and to never give up on them. Who knows when the light will become a stronger beacon and direct them to unknown places. The single most important factor is building strong personal relationships with our students and their parents. I credit Mr. Arrenguren for helping me see the light when I was in the 8th grade, and then for people like Mr. Stalcup, Mr., Reynolds, Mr. Waner, and Mr. Graham for giving me the motivation and know-how to succeed. I remember at the time, I didn't always see the value of what they were doing (seeing Mr. Reynolds small sports car parked in front of my home when he was the HS principal) but know how those seeds that were planted and nurtured soon grew. Great job BB teachers, administrators and staff. You pass on a living legacy that you can be proud of.

Judy Bartlett

Received a wonderful, e-mail from Mark Hartwell. Mikes mother and dad are Irma and Whitey Hartwell. Irma has been doing my taxes for the past 30 years and Whitey was the butcher at Emingers Market until the Emingers sold the market. Irma will retire from her tax business this year.

Enjoy Mikes email:
I have enjoyed reading the monthly newsletter so much. I moved to Oregon in 1974 and came to know the Lord in 1978. I was married in the same year. I occasionally see some old alums, as they live around here (Susie Bowen, Jackie McGregor and John McGregor). I taught elementary school for 28 years in a small school in Ruch (pronounced Roosh), and retired in 2003. I still substitute in the same school about 2 or 3 days a week. I am very involved in our church. I will be heading to Mexico twice this summer to building houses for families that live in shacks. I spent a week in Alabama and Mississippi after Katrina helping clean up the mess there. I would like to be added to the alumni address list. My mailing address is:

Mike Hartwell
PO Box 567 (Street address 1914 Archer Dr.)
Medford, Oregon 97501

Keep up the good work with the newsletter. I get to Big Bear about twice a year as my parents still live there. God Bless

Mike Hartwell
From Al:
Mike, It was so good to hear from you. I learned about your involvement in the school and the church from your mom when she does our taxes. May I use your email in your next edition of the newsletter in late March? Former students love to read about their friends who graduated from Big Bear High. Please tell Susie, Jackie and John hello for me. Ask them if they want to be on the email listing or in the directory. I hope you can plan to come to this years All Years Class Reunion on September 16. We will be naming the Middle School gym the Bob Perkins Gym in honor of Randy Perkins father. So glad that you enjoy the newsletter. Al

Received an e mail from Cindy (Ellwsorth) McCoy class of 1965. Cindy was in the youth group at the First Baptist church in the 60's.
Hi, Mr. Waner--or I suppose it's Dr. Waner, huh?

I just got a forward from Art Poland, and there you were. I suppose Art has told you that I finally finished college (I have a BA and MA in English and almost another MA in education), and I have been an English teacher in a large urban high school in Las Vegas for the past eight years. I love teaching! I specialize in at-risk students who have the ability to make it in honors classes, but have never been recommended for them by their teachers or counselors. I fish them out of the freshman transcripts and start them in four core honors classes plus a tutorial as sophomores. It's a lot like AVID, but I didn't know about that program when I invented this one. I am also the National Honor Society Adviser, as well as the lead teacher in our school staff development program (I also stand on my head and whistle "Dixie" and the "Battle Hymn of the Republic" when asked!) I love my students, and I have come to believe that I learn more from them than they do from me--but I'm trying to keep that from them as long as possible. I hope that this note finds you well and perhaps enjoying your retirement--or are you still working? I also wanted to let you know that your example as a teacher has stayed with me and is one of the best things I remember from my senior year. A student from our school's TEACH magnet program interviewed me the other day and asked me what my number-one tip on classroom management was. I said, "Use humor"! (And that's no joke!)

Take care, and let me know how you are,
I wrote to her and asked her if I could use her email in the next email alumni newsletter. She responded
Hi, Al:

My Uncle Joe sends me his "Flathead Lake Scuttlebutt" from Montana, and nothing could be cornier than that! Please also feel free to use my e-mail.

Be seeing you,

Don Gifford, coach, teacher, and counselor in the 1970's came by our condo in Redlands the other day with an article about Phil Lawrence. Remember Phil Lawrence who married Nanette Tissue (Class of 81) Phil is now the senior Vice President of the 24 chain Superior Warehouse Grocers. Value driven customers are the main clientele of the stores. Shoppers load their groceries into yellow plastic bags that say "U Bag U Save." The company purchases vacated markets in the Southern California area and remodels the stores. The last time I met up with the Lawrences was at a class reunion of the class of 1981. Nanette is an advanced math teacher at a private high school.

Way to go Phillip and Nanette



Received this note from Marie Wanke:
The Big Bear High School Class of 1956 will be hosting its 50th Class Reunion on June 9, 10, and 11, 2006, in Big Bear Lake. The reunion is open to all classes and in particular we are interested in having the classes of 1950-1960 attend.

Festivities will begin Friday June 9 with a Social in the evening, on Saturday, June 10, events will include breakfast, lunch, a Boat Tour on the Lake, and a dinner/program in the evening. Sunday activities will consist of breakfast, lunch and the Steven G. Mihaylo, Big Bear High School Education Foundation Annual Scholarship Banquet held in the evening.

More information will be forth coming soon. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend this great celebration.

Correspondence should be directed to: Gary and Marie Wanke, P.O. Box 693, Big Bear Lake, CA 92315, 909-585-5898,

Gary and Marie


Received a note from Todd Burton who is on the planning committee for the alumni reunion event for the class of 1986. He wrote,
"Be sure to visit their web site. He started a web site when they got the final date for 2006 homecoming. Spread the word.

Thanks, Todd Burton."
Good job Todd!!!!


I got a call from Dicken Everson, yes, the son of teacher Richard Everson from 1963 to the 1980's) and Dicken and some of the class of 1971 are planning to coordinate their class reunion with the dedication of the Middle School Gym on September 16, 2006.

Here is the email from Dicken.
Dr. Waner, It was great to hear your voice the other day. The Reunion Committee for the Class of '71 was having a meeting to discuss our plans for a 35th reunion this weekend, and we had stumbled upon your number as the contact point for alumni. We didn't know who would answer the phone, but we thought we should try and find out. What good luck, it was your number! Please add my e-mail address to your newsletter!

Our committee was thrilled to hear that Randy Perkins has made such a generous donation to the school district. When we learned that he was preparing a Homecoming Reunion to celebrate the rehabilitation of the old gym, we decided we should change our plans to coordinate with the efforts Randy has already undertaken. We will throw our efforts behind him to help celebrate an all-alumni reunion the weekend of September 16.

Please let me know how we may help.

As we have been locating people, we have been assembling an alumni data base for the years nearest our class. Are you assembling a master data base? If so, we will be glad to forward everything we have to you. Please also pass my contact information to Randy.

My Yahoo e-mail is my "home" e-mail address:
(951)780-4571 (home)
You can also contact me at my work:
(909)383-1010 (work)

Many Thanks and Best Wishes,
Dicken Everson
Then I received an update from Dicken a week later:
Hi Al,

I've been going through "Classmates" and sending out updated notices. It's a little tedious, but it works, and people are starting to respond. We're also working on invitations that we can mail out via regular post to those who aren't internet junkies.

We have a few pictures posted now on our yahoo groups webpage now, and we're adding more soon.

We're all very excited about this reunion! For the class of 1971, we were just planning to celebrate our 35th for the milestone that it is, but with Randy's gift to the school district, we have a particularly joyous celebration on hand!

Best Wishes, Dicken
Then this e mail came in:
Dr. Waner --- It's Crystal (Sandling) Bennett. I was with Dicken Saturday when he placed a call to you. So was Lorraine (Beach) Perry. She is Dr. Beach's daughter. Remember us? We sure remember you!

Please, please, please add me to the mailing list for the newsletter. Joy Tapscott forwarded it to all of us and it's awesome! We are soooo on board with the Homecoming event. We will be there with bells on!

Thanks for bringing us all together!
Well I would really like to take credit for this event but it was Randy Perkins idea. Thanks Randy

Then I received another email from Dicken concerning the 1971 reunion plans:
Hi Al,

Yes, you're certainly welcome to use my email to you for the next newsletter. We'll forward everything we have in our database to you shortly.

The Class of '71 will be planning some social gatherings for Friday, September 15 (a pre-game mixer) and Sunday, September 17 (a picnic). Do you know if other classes are planning such things? If not, we'll send out invitations to other classes who might remember us ('68-'74).

We have a BBHS alumni page set up on Yahoo Groups:

We're in the process of posting photographs from previous reunions; it should be ready soon.

Thanks so much! Best Wishes, Dicken

Dr Waner

It has been a very long time since I have seen or spoken to you.

I am interested in being added to the list for your newsletter. Received this email from Virsan (Williams) Parker class of 1971: My name is Virsan (Williams) Parker. I 'm not sure if you remember me. I graduated Class of 1971. I am part of a steering group attempting to contact and put together a reunion for our class and classes 68-74.

Myself and Jenny Morris organized and put on the 10 & 20 year reunions for our class. We both missed the 30 year, too much going on in our personal lives at that time. So we are excited to do something for a 35th reunion. I understand you are putting together something for this September. I am interested in being on any list that will keep me informed. My email address is

Please add me and keep in touch. I look forward to seeing again.


Received this note from Annette Davis Nueske from the class of 1985 who had a wonderful reunion last year. The class of 1985 will be the third class reunion to give Moines left over from the reunion to the SGM/BBHS Educational Foundation. Of course these Moines will be matched by Steve G. Mihaylo from the class of 1961 who matches all of the Moines received for the foundation.

Dr. Waner,

We left our ordering open to try and capture as many donations as possible. Lisa Ludwig and I finalized the donations yesterday. We are proud to tell you that the BBHS Class of 1985 will be making a donation in the amount of $1,575. Lisa will be contacting you to present the check.

Thank you again for helping promote our reunion. It was a great success and we are so happy to be able to help the foundation with our contribution. Best of luck with your all class reunion in September! I'm not sure I will be able to make it, but will certainly try.

Warm regards,
Annette Davis Nueske


Patty Barr, teacher at the high school, serves as the webmaster for the High School web site. It is a great way to keep up to date at the high school and learn more about the school activities. . The web site is You will enjoy reading about your old high school. Good job Patty!!!!


The Steven G. Mihaylo/Big Bear High Education Foundation is beginning a BIG BEAR HIGH SCHOOL Alumni Directory. We would really appreciate your sending us your current physical address and email address to and we will include you in our directory.


Randy Perkins is going to sponsor an "All Years Class Reunion" to dedicate the naming of the middle gym in honor of his father "BOB PERKINS." The naming ceremony and reunion event will be on Saturday, September 16, 2006, at 7:00 p.m. in the middle school gym. Randy has set aside money to assist us with the all class reunion. Several alumni have written to me that they would be willing to help with the reunion. We will have committee by e mail and then meet on Saturday morning of September 16 to do what ever decorations we need for the homecoming event. We are going to have a disk jockey play and it will be a great gathering of all alumni from all years . I still need several alumni from different years who can help me get out the message about this special event. Yes, you read it right, we are going to have an ALL YEARS CLASS REUNION FOLLOWING THE HOMECOMING GAME IN THE MIDDLE SCHOOL GYM, September 16 at 7:00 p.m. Please let me know by email if you can help or call me at 909-798-8761 in Redlands. It is going to be a wonderful celebration in September.


From Mike Clifton:
Hi Al, I was just going over some softball stuff and realized the Alumni Softball Game will be on JUNE 3, Saturday and not... June 4. We will be telling you more about the game in the future alumni e-mails.


The Student Council under the leadership of Jake Murie, Middle School Student Body President, has taken on the project of remodeling the "Courtyard" with the assistance of the district construction committee. The Student Council hopes to raise as much money as possible by selling engraved bricks for the "court of honor." The bricks are engraved about 1/8 of an inch deep and really look good. In the next six months the students hope to sell engraved bricks so the project can move forward. If you attended the Middle School or the High School you can add your message to a brick for $30 each and they will be placed in the court of honor during construction. The example below shows the guidelines for the message for the brick paver. Several student groups at the Middle School have already volunteered to assist with the landscaping and laying of the brick pavers next summer. I hope you will plan to purchase a brick and support the project. Just print the form below and send your donation to the Middle School. Hope many of you alumni participate in this student led project.


Name: __________________________________ Phone: ____________________________
Number of pavers requested: ______________ Check amount: _____________________

(Please fill out a separate form for each paver.)
Please print clearly the message you want on the paver. You may request up to 12 letters per line for three lines. (Please see example below)
First Line: _________________________________________________________
Second Line: ______________________________________________________
Third Line: (OPTIONAL)________________________________________________________
(Please do not exceed 12 letters per line.)

BBMS Student Council
P.O. BOX 1607
Big Bear Lake, California, 92315


Marie Wanke
1952 to 1956

Dates to remember:
  • June 3, Alumni Softball game, at the High School.
  • June 11, SGM/BBHS Foundation annual scholarship dinner at 6:00 p.m. at Northwoods.
  • Sept. 16, 1:30 Homecoming Game on Minder Field, 7:00 p.m. in the Middle School Gym. This will be the All Years Class Reunion.

Email address change for Al Waner
Change in email address. Like many of you I have changed to DSL and now have a new e mail address I would appreciate it if you would make the change on my email address. AL WANER
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