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SGM Big Bear High School Education Foundation Alumni Newsletter
September 6, 2006

ALL YEARS CLASS REUNION - September 16 at the Middle School
The next big event for alumni will be the ALL YEARS CLASS REUNION set for September 16 following the High School Homecoming game. We are going to have the dedication of the naming of the Bob Perkins gym with a dance and buffet. The gym looks beautiful with the help of Randy Perkins $100,000 gift to the Middle School and the school districts support. There will be no charge for the evening as Randy is paying for the event. Dicken Everson is also planning additional events for the class reunion of 1968 to 1973. The class of 1986 is also having a reunion and there is more information is this newsletter from Todd Burton. The town is going to be loaded with alumni for the weekend. Don't miss this wonderful event. If you are willing to serve on the Homecoming Committee please let me know by e-mail or by calling 909-866-3650. The main task of the committee will be to meet at 10:00 am on Saturday morning the 16th in the Middle School Gym to decorate for the Homecoming Dance. All the decorations have been ordered and will be there for us to put up. Have some fun with other alumni.

The days activities are as follows:

• 1:30 pm - Varsity Football Game at the Middle School
• 5:00 pm - Refreshments and Disk Jockey in the Middle School Gym following the game. We will party until 10:00 pm.
• 6:30 pm - Phil Hamilton is going to serve as masters of ceremony in naming the Middle School Gym, "The Bob Perkins Gym".
• 7:00 pm - Buffet for the class reunion of 1968 to 1973 and all other alumni who have reserved a free ticket for the buffet. If you would like to join us for the buffet please call Marie Wanke 585-5898 or Al Waner 909-866-3650. No kidding, the buffet is FREE. We already have over 200 reservations.

BBHS Class of 1986, 20th Reunion Details

Friday 09-15-06
• Happy Hour Mixer at Chads

Saturday 09-16-06
• Big Bear High School Homecoming Football Game 1PM
• 5:00 Reception in the Middle School Gym with naming of the gym dedication at 6:30 p.m.

Class of 1986 Reunion at the Big Bear Chateau
• 6:00 PM Welcome Reception/Registration/Check in
• 7:00 PM Ballroom Opens
• 7:15 PM Welcome Remarks by Paul Arviso and Jessica Berry
• 7:30 PM Dinner
• 7:45 PM Slide Show of old photos during dinner
• 8:15 PM Raffle to benefit the Steven G. Mihaylo Foundation
• 8:30 PM Dancing and telling lies.....

Sunday 09-17-06
Sunday brunch at North Woods Resort for those who didn't get enough!

Go to the OFFICIAL REUNION WEBSITE for all of the details!!

Pay for your tickets and reserve your room, they are going FAST!

Best Western Big Bear Chateau
42200 Moonridge Road
Big Bear Lake , CA

The hotel link in is on the Official Reunion Website under "Travel"

Remember to spread the word about the reunion and to check out for announcements that I send out, now it will be every week or so to remind every one about the reunion. I know we are all busy and this is one of those things we all just cant afford with travel, hotel and tickets (Me too) but your 20th only comes once! Come say hi to your friends, and I bet you will remember this for the rest of your life! See ya there!


Received this wonderful e-mail from Michelle Johnson, class of 1998. Michelle's father was the CEO of Riffenburg for years before Mr. Riffenburg sold the lumber yard. Michelle's parents moved to Colorado and now the rest of the story:

Dr. Waner,
I've been receiving the BBHS newsletter for a few years now and finally have my own story to add. I'm Michelle Johnson, class of 1998. My sister, Suzanne (class of 2001) and I were often known as Gary Johnson of Riffenburgh's Lumber daughters.

Like most of my classmates, I left Big Bear after graduation and have been making my way in the wide world ever since. I finished college in 2003, (B.S. Geographic Information Systems) and also had a fabulous year of living abroad in Argentina. I moved to Colorado in 2004 where I accepted a position at an electrical engineering firm. My parents had moved to Colorado in 2001 so I figured I would get back in same time zone, at least for awhile. With this company, I've had the opportunity to live in several locations around the country which has been fabulous. Let's just say that I now have some true stories to tell the grandkids about snow shoeing uphill in waist-deep snow, keeping an eye out for moose, while working to keep the power on for the rustic cabins 15 miles from the highway to the world class ski resorts hosting champion alpine skiers. Yeah, this is coming from a girl who used to be a semi-prissy cheerleader!

I am also recently engaged...two weeks ago actually. With my engagement comes another move, this time to Tucson, AZ. I'm going to miss the Rockies, but everyone says Tucson is wonderful so we'll see how a mountain girl does in the Arizona desert. I haven't been back to Big Bear in several years and would love to bring my fiancι up some day so he'll understand when I say I miss having water and pine trees around me. Luckily both our jobs allow us to work and travel at the same time so we may make it up for a season yet.

Best of luck to all the BBHS grads! I love hearing what others are doing.

Michelle Johnson (to be Bowen)

I wrote to Michelle and asked about her parents who were wonderful supportive parents while in Big Bear.

She responded:
Of course you can add my information to the news letter.

I'd love to make it to the reunion, but I don't know if that'll happen. My sister's soon-to-be-fiance is graduating from boot camp on Sept. 1 so I'll already in be California that weekend and I don't know if I can get away twice in the month. Now that my parents are gone, I don't really have a convenient place to stay so I lose that excuse.

My parents are doing great. My dad still works for ACE Hardware opening new stores. He loves it and is doing amazingly well. He's kept his same territory (Colorado, Utah, some Kansas) all these years, though he has had the opportunity to explore other areas of both the company and the country. My mom loves their neighborhood in Colorado Springs so I think that's the reason he's stayed put. He's also really involved with their church, teaching a Sunday class and working with some of the senior citizens.

My mom is working at a bank doing loan administration. She enjoys it but wants to travel with my dad. Now that both my sister and I are almost officially off their hands, she says she can work 1 more year to pay off wedding expenses and then she's out of the work force. (At least until she gets bored or tired of living out of suitcase with Dad.) She'd been spending quite a bit of time working on the house and garden though I think both are finally getting to her liking.

I mentioned that I had sent you a quick note and my parents say "hello" to you and the other BB folks also. Have a great day!


High School Alumni Directory

The Steven G. Mihaylo/ Big Bear High School Education Foundation is in the process of putting out a Big Bear High School Directory. The Harris publishing company will be contacting all alumni of Big Bear High and asking if you want to participate in the directory. Our High School has never had an alumni directory and this has been a major undertaking of the SGM/BBHS Education Foundation for the past year. Be sure and return the information requested from Harris publishing. If you do not receive any correspondence by September 5, please let me know and we will be sure to add you to the mailing. We will forward your information on to Harris Publishing Company. You do not have to purchase a directory to have your name included in the directory.
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- Summer 2002, Volume 1, Issue 2: PDF Version (4.4 MB)
- Fall 2001: PDF Version (3.9 MB)
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