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SGM Big Bear High School Education Foundation Alumni Newsletter
November 15, 2007

Katie Bumstead is Miss Big Bear 2007

I am sure many of you alumni recognize the name Bumstead. Martin Bumstead was a P.E. teacher and coach for almost 40 years at Big Bear High School. Sharon Bumstead, Martin's wife, was a former secretary at the Elementary School and teachers aide at the High School for many years. Grandma and Grandpa are very proud grandparents. Katie's dad, David, was an outstanding football and wrestling champion at Big Bear High and is a currently teaching at the high school. So Katie is the next generation of Bumsteads to take honors in our community. Katie runs cross country, plays basketball, plays softball and somehow finds time to referee basketball games in the recreation leagues for elementary and middle school students. The October 17, Grizzly, shows Katie beaming from ear to ear with that beautiful smile of hers. She is a gorgeous young lady. She was also presented with the "Spirit of Miss Big Bear Award" at the beauty pageant. Katie will represent Big Bear at many functions this coming year. Along with her participation in sports and being her senior year she will be a very busy girl. Congratulations to all the Bumstead family.

Fall Sports update

In case you live off the mountain you are not aware that quarterback Kris Proctor dislocated his left elbow in the Oct. 19th football game against Desert Mirage. Proctor who is left handed was tackled but did not get up from the ground and was removed from the field in an ambulance. He was taken to the hospital and further doctor visits reveled that there were no broken bones in his elbow. Hopefully Kris will be able to play in the CIF playoffs. In the mean time, Sophomore, Craig Hall has been the Bears quarterback. Craig had a great second half against Yucca Valley High School on Nov. 7. Due to the fires of the week of Oct. 21st to Oct. 28th, the October 27 game against 29 Palms was canceled so Big Bear enters the playoffs on November 23, against Arcadia Rio Hondo Prep. You can follow the team if you go to the Grizzly's web site: The Frosh/Soph team took the DeAnza league championship this year.

The second years girls varsity volleyball coach, Sonia Groover, was helicopter to Loma Linda Medical Center when she was bothered with headaches on Oct. 17th. We are pleased to report that Sonia returned to coach the team for their CIF playoff game last Friday. The girls volleyball team finished the season as the co-champs of the DeAnza League and lost in the first round of the CIF playoffs. The girls had a great year.

Girls Golf
Senior, Brittany Caldwell, Sophomore Claire Hird and Junior Michelle Hirschler played in the individual girls DeAnaz League finals . Claire and Michele were named second team all league. Brittany earned first team all league. The team entered the CIF playoffs and finished 17th of 24 teams. This was the highest finish in Big Bear history of girls golf.

Cross Country
The boys and girls cross country teams has a good year. Berto Solis has become an outstanding runner for Big Bear. This is the first year in many years we have not had a Hall boy running cross country. Last year Berto ran behind Chad Hall in the State Finals. Chad was first and Berto was second in the Cross Country. Chad received a scholarship to Oregon. Berto is being recruited by Pepperdine, UCLA and several other schools. Berto is a quiet young man with a real future in cross country. I hope people realize the tremendous coaching that Mickey Hall provides to our high school students. Mickey is also an outstanding special education teacher at the high school..... AND NOW THE REST OF THE TRACK STORY..... Ryan Hall, Big Bear High School graduate, Stanford All-American, took first place in the Marathon Olympic trials in New York last week end. He ran the fastest time in history of the marathon qualifying event. He will represent USA in Beijing next summer in the 2008 Olympics. I talked to Mickey Hall this week and Mickey and Susan are planning to go to Beijing for the marathon race next summer. Way to go Mickey and Susan!!!!!

Over all it has been a great fall for the Bears sports teams. GO BEARS!!


The BIG news from the Steven G. Mihaylo Big Bear High School Education Foundation is the upcoming Capital Campaign which starts this month. It has been two years in the planning. The foundation is hoping to raise $250,000 for the Scholarship and Teacher Grants program. Every donated penny will be matched by Steve Mihaylo. Our Foundation Endowment is now over $1,000,000 and we are excited about the prospect of adding to our scholarship fund. Our team captains will be leading the campaign. Neal Waner has volunteered to serve as the Campaign Chairman. The captains are:
  • Alumni Team 1960's and prior: Dick Leroy -(Call Marie Wanke, 909-585-9898)
  • Alumni Team 1970's and 1980's: Cathy Fulton - 909-866-2777
  • Alumni Team 1990's and later: Carrie Boucher - 909-866-6099 (Call Carrie's mom, Barbara in Big Bear)
  • Community Team #1: Tom Johnson - 951-415-3047
  • Community Team #2: Loren Hafen - 951-830-4386
These alumni and community friends have volunteered to lead us to the victory of soliciting pledges pf $250,000 in the next three years. We will need to hear from all of our alumni to accomplish our goal. Please feel free to call any of the above captains and volunteer to help call other alumni or to serve s a team member under the captains. The capital campaign will be soliciting pledges for the next 9 months. Hope you decide to participate. Every dollar you give is matched by Steve.

Fires miss Big Bear AGAIN.

It has been a long dry season in Big Bear this spring and summer and the second major fire of the season spared Big Bear again the last week of October. I am sure you have seen on the news the horrible fires that destroyed many beautiful homes in Arrowhead and Running Springs but fortunately the fires did not reach Big Bear. The smoke was so heavy in the valley that the schools were canceled and all activities of students were canceled in the valley for the week of October 22 to October 26. Our fire fighters and police are again to be thanked for a wonderful job in keeping our valley safe. Pray for rain and snow.

Note from Clifford Douglas who was in the San Diego fire:
Dear Friends,

Just wanted to let you know how we are. We got electricity back this morning and are moving home today. No phone service yet, but hope to have it later this week. A few other problems will occupy us for a while (pool with ash turned to mud, burnt irrigation system, burnt and dying landscaping, 2 outbuildings burned, TV system burned, soot/ash, smell, etc.) but it's great to be home today, especially when a few days ago we thought it likely we would never see it again.

Thank you again for all the care and concern you showed for us during this time.

The Douglas Family
PO Box 2729,
Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067.
Phone 858-756-0409

Charlie Arviso, Class of 1985

For those of you who may not be aware, Charlie Arviso was in a serious car accident on Friday, 11/2/07.

The good news is he is alive, out of any danger and starting to flirt with his nurses. The bad news is he has some significant injuries to the left side of his body. Charlie suffered multiple fractures with the most serious being compound fractures (bone through the skin) in both his femur and fibula. His doctors are still evaluating some of the less serious injuries to his hand, fingers, ankle and pelvis. Thankfully, he did not suffer any brain damage, spinal injuries or serious internal injuries. Due to the severity of his injuries, recovery is expected to be quite long.

Charlie's mother, Patsy, said that he is getting excellent care and that the LA Clippers (his employer) have been wonderful. Charlie's family is holding up well, although they are a bit tired from a very long week and lots of activity.

To offer support to Charlie and his family, and to help ease some of the financial burden of travel and meal expenses over the next several weeks and possibly months, we've established a donation account called Charlie Arviso Recovery Fund on the 'purchase page' of our reunion web site at If you'd like to make a contribution you may do so with a credit card payment. We will donate all of the funds received in the form of a Visa Gift Card to Charlie's family to help them with whatever they need to support Charlie's recovery. You may donate online in $10 increments. Simply select the number of 'tickets' you want to purchase to total the amount you wish to give. For example, if you wish to donate $20, select (2) $10 tickets. Please note that our web site hosting company,, charges a 7% credit card processing fee. However, has generously offered to donate the difference between their cost (3%) and the 7% fee back to the fund. So they will be contributing 4% ($.40 for each $10 donation) back to the fund.

I'll continue to post updates on the status of Charlie's recovery from time-to-time. The family is very appreciative of the love and support they've received. Because they are receiving so many calls and inquiries, I would like to try and give them a bit of a break. If you would like to get an update on Charlie's condition, please feel free to email me at or call me at 720-232-3605 and I'll be glad to share the most current status I have with you. I'll be in contact with Charlie's family about once a week for now, and I'm on an email list to receive updates. Charlie is near and dear to so many of us. He's one of the best friends I've ever had. There has never been a time when he wasn't there for me or any other of his friends when we were suffering heartache, loss or anything else life may have dealt us.

Please keep Charlie and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Patsy and Sam (Charlie's parents) De Porto address is:
Box 592
Big Bear Lake, CA 92315

Drop the parents a note. Al Waner
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