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SGM Big Bear High School Education Foundation Alumni Newsletter
December 7, 2007

Fall CIF Results

Bears Take State Title in Cross Country: Berto Solis took third in the state individual competition Division IV and the Bears Cross Country team took first in the state. Wow!!! Without the Hall boys who have led our cross country teams for the past few years the team was well prepared by Coach Mickey Hall. Other members of the Big Bear team to finish in the state meet were: Brennen Halliday, Ryan Lambert, Alex Caballero, Miles Fulton, Connor McCutcheon, and Blake Bruennin. What a great season for our Cross country Team.

Boys Varsity Football

Our varsity team lost in the second round to Citrus Hill on a cold afternoon in Big Bear. The Bears fought hard and lost 10 to 7 to a team that may win the CIF small schools division. This is the same team who beat the Bears 24 to 21 on a last minute field goal in October. Our team had a difficult year as our star quarterback, Kris Proctor, dislocated his left elbow and was out from competition for five weeks. Those of us who followed the team were so proud of the effort the players. We were co-champions of the DeAnza League with 29 Palms High School. The Frosh/Soph football won the DeAnza League Championship. It shows that we have great coaches for our football programs at Big Bear High.

Big Bear Football has a bright future......this article was taken from the KBHR web site. KBHR is the local radio station in Big Bear and does an excellent job of covering local events. It is updated every day.

Li'l Bears of Youth Football Freshman Team Win Super Bowl, AVYF Championship; Cheer Scores, Too

The li'l Bears of Big Bear Youth Football had three teams in Super Bowl competition in Kern Valley this weekend, vying for the championship within the Antelope Valley Youth Football League. Our freshman team of 8 to 10-year-old Bears beat out Bishop 27-0 in their Super Bowl and are now the champions in their division. The Big Bear Youth Football sophomores, ages 10 to 12, lost to Mojave 12-0 in their Super Bowl, and our seniors, ages 12 to 14, played in their first AVYF Super Bowl and also lost to a Mojave team in a score of 7-0. But the Youth Football Bears had quite the cheering section, with the freshman cheering squad taking 1st in cheer, and the junior and senior cheerleaders taking 2nd and 3rd respectively. Congratulations to all the Bears - the future continues to look bright for Bears Football. Girls Cross Country: A wonderful story developed in the girls Cross country a couple of weeks ago at the Southern California Cross country meet at the Mt. Sac Relays. Megan Kendall was running in the race and fighting for a qualifying position for the state meet. Megan looked over to the side and saw one of her team mates who was exhausted. She ran over and held out her hand and the girl ran with Megan, hand in hand. Next, Megan saw a second teammate who was faltering and again Megan unselfishly held the hand of the second runner. The three ran together towards the finish line. The CIF official yelled to the girls to drop their hand clasp or they would be disqualified. The girls obeyed and separated their gasped long enough to cross the finish line. Then again clasped each others hand across the finish line. Megan sacrificed her time for the sake of her two team mates. Megan, you know what team spirit is all about. We are so proud of you. Megan is the daughter of Diane (Manning, class of 81) Kendall and granddaughter of Patty Manning who still works in the school district after more than 30 years. Megan is related to the McGrath family who had a long history of participation in sports at Big Bear High School in the 60's and 70's.


The BIG news from the Steven G. Mihaylo Big Bear High School Education Foundation is the ongoing Capital Campaign which started in October. The foundation is hoping to raise $250,000 for the Scholarship and Teacher Grants programs. Every donated penny will be matched by Steve Mihaylo. Our Foundation Endowment is now over $1,000,000 and we are excited about the prospect of adding to our scholarship fund. Our team captains will be leading the campaign. Neal Waner has volunteered to serve as the Campaign Chairman. The captains are:

  • Alumni Team 1960's and prior: Dick Leroy -(Call Marie Wanke, 909-585-9898)
  • Alumni Team 1970's and 1980's: Cathy Fulton - 909-866-2777
  • Alumni Team 1990's and later: Carrie Boucher - 909-866-6099 (Call Carrie's mom, Barbara in Big Bear)
  • Community Team #1: Tom Johnson - 951-415-3047
  • Community Team #2: Loren Hafen - 951-830-4386

These alumni and community friends have volunteered to lead us to the victory of soliciting pledges pf $250,000 in the next three years. We will need to hear from all of our alumni to accomplish our goal. Please feel free to call any of the above captains and volunteer to help call other alumni or to serve as a team member under the captains. The capital campaign will be soliciting pledges for the next 9 months. Hope you decide to contribute. At our Steve Mihaylo Big Bear High Education Foundation meeting on November 20, the report from the captains was very positive. Help out the captains by calling a captain and participate in the campaign. If you want to contribute call any of the captains listed above. Remember: every dollar you give is matched by Steve Mihaylo.


The class of 1956, under the leadership of Marie Wanke has set a goal of raising $8333 in the campaign which will fun a $1000 scholarship in perpetuity. Of course Steve Mihaylo has agreed to match the contribution. Way to go class of 1956!!!! You class members please call Marie (909-585-9898) and send her your contribution so the class can reach their goal.

Update on the capital campaign

Neal Waner, class of 81, our campaign chairman, recently sent the following note to all of the Foundation board members:

Dear Friends:

We've made good progress on the campaign, let me bring everyone up to date as we wind up this first six weeks and give you a glimpse of what will happen in January.

Tom Johnson and teammates have secured a $5,000 gift as well as another $5,000 pledge. He also received the green light to use the $5,000 he secured from the Club many years ago to use as leverage to secure or increase another gift going forward. Good job Tom!

Cathy Fulton is finalizing an $8,333 gift to initiate a scholarship from Scott Oksnee which may include an additional one time contribution as well. Also, teammate Al Waner secured the completion of a $2,758 gift which completed their family scholarship. Nicely done Cathy!

Dick LeRoy's team has the most potential, and with the help of Marie Wanke's letter may indeed pass all others. Marie has sent a package to all of her classmates challenging them to collectively come up with enough funds to establish a class scholarship (as some other classes have done). I'm sure Dick has other similar projects brewing, so well done Dick!

Carrie Boucher's team is the youngest which also means they are the most technologically advanced, so she has the most people and buzz at this point. Ma Boucher (Barbara) at our last board meeting discussed making sure Carrie's classes scholarship (class of 2003) became a recurring scholarship, so with fortitude such as that, her team will do fine as well. Keep it up Carrie!

Loren Hafen has the longest and strongest list of non alumni who have supported us in the past, so when Lauren recovers from the tourist season behind us and is back home from his trip to the other side of the world, he'll be in action. Loren's a pro, so watch out for him in January. Go get 'em Loren!

Yours truly was asked to speak at Dawnbusters Rotary club and they orally committed to a recurring scholarship, which is $8,333, which will add to this campaign.

When you add up all the above, we're at nearly $30,000 raised so far, which is excellent!

As promised, we won't bug you during December, however this is a good time to think of those you'll be talking to in January and ship something off to them in your holiday greetings. Let us know if you need materials, flyers, etc. In January, we'll have conference calls each Monday evening at 7:00 PM (the 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th) to keep up the momentum in that last month. Each Wednesday prior to that Monday we'll email you the call in number. As before, if you have prospects, email them to Kathryn at Charitable Partners so she can enter them into CP Net (or you can enter them yourself). Kathryn can be reached at or 248-519-2491.

Great job everyone! As is typical of campaigns such as this, there is a flurry of effort and flow of money the final month, so rest up, January will be here before we know it.

Have a wonderful holiday and please contact us if you need anything!



Several months ago I received an email from John Hallimore, class of 68, concerning his son, Jericho who was in the military and serving in Iraq. John and Jericho and I shared several emails while on duty. Now Jericho is home in the USA. I received this e mail last week from Jericho. Enjoy!!!!

From: Jericho Hallimore
Sent: Saturday, December 1, 2007
Subject: Proud to be American

Hello Friends and Family,

I just wanted to write a quick letter to say thank you for all of your support and prayers. I returned from Iraq on the 27th of October and have been in the process of trying to get out of the military since. Yesterday was the end of all of that process and I am officially done, as long as they don't recall me for a war in Iran! But hopefully that won't happen. Readjusting to 'normal' life was not difficult or slow. Days after returning it felt almost as if I had never left and Iraq was just a bad dream. Though Iraq was not a nice place, in any way really, it provide me with a good experience. It was not a horribly traumatic experience for me as it was for some and I thank God for that. Iraq is far different from the American culture in so many ways that they seem like different worlds or eras. It is good to be in America. We live in a period of time where it is acceptable and almost promoted to put down American and Christian ideals, to always question and support everything but the principles we were founded on as a country. I am thankful and proud to have been a soldier and to be an American and a Christian. I better understand what we have when I see all that they don't have, starting with even the most basic of needs, safety. I appreciate the lessons I learned there about leadership, life and death, the support of others and lessons from and about God. It was a good experience to go thru, but I am glad to be back in the US and hopefully done with that part of my life. I am happy to be back with my wife, and I think she's happy to be with me: ) If not at least the dogs always happy to see me, ha-ha. Thank you for your support, thank you for your prayers.

Jericho Hallimore

When I sent an email to Jericho and asked if I could include the email above he returned this email:

Mr. Waner,

Sure, you may put this in the newsletter. I greatly appreciate your support and prayers and those others, that I don't even know, that have done the same. God kept my platoon and I safe through 8 IED detonations, 2 car bombs(VBIEDS), and the discovery of 2 others while out on patrols. No one was seriously injured through all of those and none of them ever hit my vehicle. Thank you very much.


(Editors note: John Hallimore, You did a good job of raising your son. Hope you enjoy the Holidays together with your family. Al)


I received a beautiful announcement of the Big Bear High Class of 1968 Reunion celebrating their 40th class reunion on the high seas. Go to and vote for the destination of your choice or by sending an email to A $25 refundable deposit is due by December 5 to secure prices. I am sure they would love to have other alumni join them on the voyage. You can also call 909-585-7506 and ask for Linda (Gipson) McGinnis and get all of the details.

USC Football

I attended the USC vs. UCLA game this past Saturday at the Coliseum with 93,000 people. USC won!!!! On to the Rose Bowl!!!! Fight On!!!!

This will be our last Big Bear High School email for 2007. Hope you have a wonderful Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Blessings, Al
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