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May 14, 2008

I received this note regarding the string music students of he elementary school:
Hello Everyone,

I would like to share with you the results of the Strings trip to the Forum Music Festival this past Friday in Orange County. We had three orchestras participate, and students were represented from all 6 schools in the district.

Before I tell you about the awards, let me just tell you that the enthusiasm and parental support was amazing in itself. There were 42 performers, and probably 40 parents in the audience, and 27 of them were there for the duration to be chaperones. This was definitely a Big Bear style event, judges remarked on what a supportive group we have!

The BVUSD Elementary Orchestra, which is a combination of the three elementary school "beginners 2" students received a GOLD rating, which is the highest award possible. The judges and the directors of the Festival were especially impressed with this orchestra and urged us to send in a tape to be a "demonstration orchestra" at the CMEA (California Music Educators Association) convention next year. "Outstanding Musicians" awards were given to sixth graders Tawny Hoglund(NSES), Alicia Hoglund(NSES), Delaney Warren(BLES) and Jennifer Schick(BBES), for their solo work in "Celtic Fiddles"

The SGM Intermediate Orchestra, grades 6-8 also received a GOLD rating for their performance of Pirates of the Caribbean and Telemann Sinfonia

The SGM Advanced Orchestra received 2nd place in the "Judges Invitational" Festival. This means that all GOLD winners from last year came together to compete against each other. To be invited to this festival is an honor in itself. We were classified as a "High School Orchestra" and our high school orchestra is comprised of more than half sixth and seventh graders!!! We also have one rehearsal per week, as opposed to the other competing ensembles which rehearse every day in school!!!! So we were very happy with second place. Oh yes, we all had a great time unwinding on roller coasters at California Adventure following the competition. Congratulations to all students on a job more than well done.

Thanks for letting me share,
Sharon Rizzo (Strings music teacher)

I took this article from the May 7, Grizzly.........
Solis and Halliday heading to Malibu

Brennan Halliday and Berto Solis love to share. For the past two years Halliday and Solis shared a love of running as members of the Big Bear High School cross country teams. Next year they will share a dorm room at Pepperdine University in Malibu. Halliday and Solis signed letters of intent to attend Pepperdine University on partial cross country scholarships May 2. Sue Reynolds opened her classroom at Big Bear High School to host the event. "This is a special day for anyone who knows Berto and Brennan," Reynolds said.

"I chose Pepperdine because I felt the coach committed to me and I felt supported," Solis said. Halliday said the constant recruiting effort by Pepperdine swayed his decision, but it's a bonus when you can go to college with your best friend. Pepperdine began recruiting the pair at the beginning of their senior year, and the constant attention didn't hurt, said Richard Halliday, Brennan's father, "Every other day there was a letter in the mail from the school," he said.

Brennan Halliday and Solis made an 11th-hour decision to attend Pepperdine. The deadline was May 1 and the two stalled until late in the evening April 30 before making a decision. Halliday made the call first. "I thought Berto was headed to UC Riverside or Long Beach State," Brennan said. Had Solis gone to University of California Riverside, Halliday still had a scholarship offer to Pepperdine University.

Solis had a full athletic scholarship to University of California Riverside, but said the large school overwhelmed him during his visit in March. "When Brennan made his decision, it made mine much easier," Solis said. Big Bear cross country coach Mickey Hall said Pepperdine is an ideal fit for the two runners. "It's where I wanted my sons to go to school," he said. Hall attended Pepperdine on a baseball scholarship. Victoria and Bulmero Solis, Solis' parents, said they are very proud of their son. Berto is the first person in the family to attend college. Bulmero is a landscaper and said he has worked hard so his children can have a better life. "I don't want to see the same for you," Bulmero told his son at the signing.

Bulmero said he always knew Berto was going to be special. "He started walking at 9 months old," Bulmero said. Berto translated for his mother. Victoria said she is happy and sad at the same time-happy that her son is moving on to college, but sad that she won't get to see him every day.

Brennan's mother, Patricia Halliday, said she has been preparing for this for more than a year. "Brennan won't be too far away. I can still drive to see him," she said. Seeing two students like Brennan and Berto receive scholarships is why he coaches, Hall said. "I want to see Big Bear kids get help for college and a chance to compete in college athletics," he said. Hall said he believes the boys' choice came down to two things outside of the classroom and the track. The beach and the girls on the beach might have had something to do with the decision, he said with a smile.
Way to go Brennan and Berto!!!! You make Big Bear proud!!!


Both Boys Baseball and Girls Softball head into the CIF playoffs next week. Keep up by reading the Grizzly on line at We will let you know the results in the next newsletter.



The Big Bear High School Class of 1958 announces its 50th High School Class Reunion on September 20, 2008

Events include:
Sept 19 La Montana Restaurant
Sept 20 Homecoming Game at the Middle School field at 1:30 p.m.
Sept 21 Lake tour on big Bear Lake on the Big Bear Queen. Following the lake tour there will be a BBQ at the Point House.

PLEASE CONTACT Carol Williams, for more information. P.O. 330, Edwards, Colorado.

Dead lines for reservations to all or any special event is June 30, 2008.


The Local radio station had an interesting announcement of the 1968 reunion. If you go to you might be able to see the photo of the ski team. Flashback: The Big Bear High School Ski Team of 1968 included (from top, left) Bill Lindsey, Jay Forbes, Larry Poland, Lark Hartwell, Steve Blauer, Bobby Fulton, Coach Ed Stalcup, (middle row) Dave Dodd, Phil Schweitzer, Pam Thomas, Keith Gingerich, Michelle Thomas, Jeff Strategier, (and front row) Greg Pike, Chuck Bronnimann, Debbie Hawks, Dave Huether, Shelley McGrath, Zane Johnson and Kathie Hasher.

BBHS alumni have until-new date-May 1st to register for a 40th reunion cruise in October; information is posted below, under March 27.

Big Bear High School's Class of 1968 Celebrates 40th Reunion With Cruise October 6-10 It was 40 years ago that new faculty members at Big Bear High School included some now long-familiar faces, such as Mr. Bumstead, Mr. Hamilton, Mr. Shepson and Mr. LeRoy, and many of those BBHS seniors are still in our community today, if you were to take a glance at the 1968 Timberline-the BBHS annual features Pam Thomas (Wisdom) as the Class of 68's Homecoming Queen, Jim Blauer was voted Most Athletic, and the BBHS Ski Team, coached by Ed Stalcup, included Larry Poland, Shelley McGrath (Egan), Bill Lindsey, Steve Blauer and Dave Huether. For those in the Big Bear High School Class of 1968, the opportunity to relive those memories of 40 years ago-including the football game when the Bears beat Rim 32-18--will come with a class reunion cruise through the Pacific Northwest in October. All BBHS alumni are invited to join the Class of 68 for their 40th reunion, which is scheduled during BVUSD's fall break, so that families can participate. For more information, you can visit or call Debby Hughes, to book your reservation by April 4th, at 584-7525. Our thanks to Lynda Gipson (McMinnis) for sharing her Timberline with KBHR.

Update: Due to the response, the deadline to register for the reunion cruise has been extended until Thursday, May 1st.

Please join The Big Bear High School Class of 1983 in celebrating their 25th year class reunion:

Weekend Activities include:

Friday, July 25, 2008 Social at B's Boat House (formerly the Tail of the Whale)
4:00 p.m. to ?
Cocktails, etc. on your own
Saturday, July 26, 2008 Golf at Bear Mountain Golf Course
If you are interested, please contact Alan Ezelle at A twilight cruise aboard Big Bear's Miss Liberty Pine Knot Landing
Boat sails at 6:30 (sharp) and docks at 9:30 p.m. Dinner included (catered by Sonora Cantina) Cocktails on your own $60.00 per person

Please RSVP your expected attendance by e-mailing or calling Shelley Black at (909) 273-9634 or Lori Fellman at (909) 800-9480

Phone or e-mail RSVP's must be received no later then May 15, 2008 to secure reservations

Detach below to mail reservation
Payment must be received no later then May 26, 2008
Please indicate number of people attending _____________
Please indicate amount enclosed ______________

Please make check payable to Lori Fellman
Mail check to: Lori Fellman
P. O. Box 1017
Big Bear Lake, CA 92315
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