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July 29, 2008

Run, Ryan, Run

Those of us living in Big Bear have seen the very positive program called Run, Ryan, Run. Banners can be seen all over Big Bear. Our students in the schools have logged their miles. Participants have entered miles from all over the country.

Here is the background:
Support Ryan Hall's quest for Olympic Marathon Gold. Join us in supporting Big Bear Lake running hero Ryan Hall's quest for 2008 Olympic Marathon gold. The Lighthouse Project challenges you to help "Move a Million Miles" before Ryan's Olympic Marathon this summer in Beijing, China. Through shared pride and support for Ryan, this spirit initiative encourages an engaged and active lifestyle, as well as demonstrates the benefits of integrity, commitment and involvement to our youth. Not only is this the first time anyone has ever pledged this kind of support for an athlete, but it also is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to personally participate in the Olympic Dream. You can be part of this historic effort and make a healthy difference in both your life and the lives of others. Participation is simple, and we don't need your money - just your miles.

During the Olympics you will see a clip about his home town and the support he has received from our community. It was made locally last week and several of our kids will be seen over all the world on T.V.

Take time to review this web site:

CURRENT STATISTICS - JULY 22: Campaign Statistics

Total Miles Moved: 703,798
Total Current Participants: 2684
Average Miles per Day per Current Participant: 1.29
Top Group: 100 Mile Club, 99,289 mi.
Total Miles Remaining: 296,202
Number of Days Remaining: 32
Average Miles Remaining per Day: 9,256
Necessary Miles per Day per Current Participant: 3

Top Males by age
  • under 13: Steve H, 3351.00 mi.
  • 13-17: Casey W., 2832.00 mi.
  • 18-29: Matthew V., 3929.00 mi.
  • 30-39: Liam T., 2127.00 mi.
  • 40-49: Peter S., 3945.00 mi.
  • 50-59: Rook O, 1393.00 mi.
  • 60-69: Thomas S, 3932.00 mi.
  • 70+: Jim M, 2181.00 mi.

Top Females by age
  • under 13: Abby M., 1045.00 mi.
  • 13-17: Megan K., 1998.00 mi.
  • 18-29: Erilynn R., 1417.00 mi.
  • 30-39: Kim W, 2457.00 mi.
  • 40-49: Laura W., 3750.00 mi.
  • 50-59: Carin B., 1716.00 mi.
  • 60-69: Barbara W., 1393.00 mi.
  • 70+: Joy B., 460.00 mi.


Tenth Annual Tournament: The tournament date is Sunday, September 7th. This is the 10th Kyle Hagmann Memorial Golf Tournament and the final tournament the Hagmann's are putting on in Kyle's memory. Tony and Elise appreciate all the support from all the sponsors and everyone involved over the years in helping make this annual tournament such a huge success. Don't forget to sign up for the Golf tournament AT THE BEAR MOUNTAIN GOLF COURSE. The shotgun tee time is at 8:00 a.m., so you need to check in at 7:30 a.m. It is a great day of fun and golf. If you want more information concerning the tournament or if you want to sponsor a hole for $50, please call (909) 585-7485 and talk to Tony or Elise Hagmann. All the proceeds from the tournament go to the scholarship fund for the Kyle Hagmann Scholarship and the non-profit organization "Project G.H.B." It is a great event and a worthy cause. Monies from the tournament that are given to the SGM/BBHS Educational Foundation are matched by Steve Mihalyo, class of 1961. A big thank you to Tony and Elise for their hard work in putting on this annual tournament.


I am sure all of you have heard of the more than 1000 fires in Northern California. Here is a note from Sylvia Oppenheim about her sisters battle with the fires. (I have taken the liberty to take excerpts from several email that I encouraged her to send to me) this is long but worth the reading. Al

My sister lives in an small mountain foothill town called ONO just west of Igo in Shasta county. her property nears the BLM Bureau of Land Management which is forestry land not privately owned. So it backs up to the Trinity Alps. There is one hundred fires that no one is attending to because it is burning in the forest and not threatening them. (ONO is on the west side of Redding in foothills a couple thousand feet up. near Whiskeytown Lake 299w). . . . .

Finally after dark two huge commando dozers showed up. As it turns out it isn't even the forestry or fire dept that is helping them -it is SP (southern pacific railroad). They are out creating firebreaks and helping out folks that cannot get fire trucks to come. The fires are so massive that a few houses in the sticks is a small price to pay to actually save lives. The firemen should be in everyone's prayers. Imagine such a disaster, you call the fire department and no ones comes to help you. They have two newborn babies living with them which have been evacuated along with the mothers. . . . .

My nephew Peter built a fire truck and here is how. My sister brought home a pump to work on for the ranch. The pump worked but the motor was blown up. She was going to have Pete work on it. Pete had brought one home a year ago and the pump didn't work but the motor did. My brother in law (Bruce) had an old fire hose and just over a year ago brought home a old county truck for a ranch truck. Now my sister bought 3 2500 gal water silo from a friend a year ago. She traded one for a boat and still had two. My nephew Pete quickly rigged a pump and motor from the two pumps, carefully assembled the water drum to the truck and applied the hose and submerged the pump into the channel and creek and well -- AH! They fought the fire along side the neighbors. all night last night with the help of the dozer's and the grace of GOD the house is still standing. They are not out of the woods but not quite as stressed now.

The other fires in my town of Chico are even worse I hear. I can hear the meth labs blowing up all the way from Hawaii. What a mess. . . . .They are still fighting at this very minute. They finally have a fire engine up there and the fire engine is using my nephews 2500 gal tanks to fill their 500 gal engines. I will get a picture of the man made fire engine and motley crew. . . .

The hard part is no one could leave because it was evacuated and if they left they could not come back. Having all those necessary pieces so amazing. They live two miles down a dirt road and there are nothing but 10-30 acre parcels. So these families are up there fighting these fierce fires. . . . .

The stories are amazing. They are expecting more thunder showers today and tomorrow and the wind through the gap is supposed to pick up and that is like turning on the big fan. Tom is sleeping on cots in scorpion infested American river area and has had nothing to eat but tuna and crackers for days . . .

I will give more details as the weekend rolls on. June 29: Well yesterday the fire engine came for one day and Southern Pacific is still working on the fire breaks as well as clear springs prison conservation camp -but with no fire truck. The firemen asked "hey does that thing work?" and my nephew says "Hell Yea!" Well the fire truck only holds 500 gallons and the nephews truck holds 2500 so the fire engine was using the home made truck to fight the fire so they didn't have to go back and forth to the canal and stream at all. They just did all they could do before being called back where more disparately needed. They have 25 convicts to help now. The crazy part is that they won't let them come back if they leave. So they all have to stay right there. Kinda crazy that they wont send a fire truck and not let you come and go on your property . . . .

The fire is less than a mile but no houses have been destroyed on the street. The first to go will be at the end of their little dirt road and it belongs to a fireman. There are now two prison van loads from the conservation camp but no fire truck except for Pete's redneck fire truck. still touch and go. What brave kids. My other nephew Neal, broke his femur two months ago and is out there also. My sister is keeping everyone fed and hydrated. I don't know if I mentioned it but she just built the house and has only been there since Thanksgiving. She raised her tree kids in a mobile single wide and they all grew up and built the place together. . . .

Received Wednesday, July 2: Once the three fires merged there was zero containment. Strange how they can guide it though - how they can save buildings when there are fires all around them. The ash isn't as bad as it is in the valley. . . .

Called my sister. There are 7 phone numbers to call her at because there are many pastures and out building at the ranch. Upper pasture-lower pasture-duck club-get the picture? Well I couldn't reach her but the niece answered and said it is a dusty road with several hundred fire fighters going in, coming out and that the fire is 15% contained.

Thursday, July 3: Well I talked to my sis yesterday pm. Well the fire is raging I guess a more pressing fire was going because they have once again left my sister and her block. it has burned over 2500 acres and has 4 trucks. Fire is very close now. She said this- "all the guys from structural damage left and so there is no one to save the houses. They let three fires burn and join above my house(where I used to live). . . . .

My niece said that the wind blew the fire into burnt grounds and now it is contained. In one night! How about the Grace the God there huh? The ground crews and remaining engines should be able to get it all out in the next day. Now for the bad news. There are two more fires headed for the ranches. One from the west and one from the south. So what this means is that my sister has to go move the cattle again from one ranch and the dogs and cats and take them to a place non threatening. She is going to ride her sons dirt bike the back route to town so she can get back in (its always a coin toss if they will let her back in) So she is going to cross country into town and down to the lower ranch. Get the horse trailer and start moving cows to God knows where.???? Now her horses are at a friends another 9 miles south. She has to move them again as well. The animals are spread out between 3 ranches and friends houses. More on the new threats later. As for me and my house? We will serve the lord.

Saturday, July 5 OK so everything is calm for now. Sometimes when I spoke with family members I found it hard to believe they lived in the same house. I guess when you are traumatized and in chaos you hear and see certain things than others and interpret things differently. Sometimes my sister would say something and my niece didn't know anything about and visa versa. The wind is blowing north and so the fire is burning from whence it came but is still burning. Received July 8, Tuesday morning This time the fire is coming from the west. Last time it was from north west. This time it is worse. Moved all the horses at 4 am and now they are moving cattle.. . . .

Tuesday, July 8 evening: Ok so- the fire is visible from the house and the flames are enormous - the fire department is going to throw foam retardant all over the house and the property is just about as wet as you can get it in 115' only cooling down to 105 if they are lucky at night. Every one of my friends and family saying the same thing "Hell On Earth"

Wednesday morning, July 9 My sister just called and she was abandoning their home and driving off with four dogs.. Now she is up at the upper ranch near where the last fire partially burned and she is watching the trees on her property burn along side of her neighbor.

Her husband and boys are still down there. I am not sure if the retardant was sprayed on the house or not but she says it looks like the firemen are backing up and the fire is about to mow them down. Pray pray

Later in the morning: I just got off the phone with Irene. Still hasn't heard from her boys or husband and they heard that one house had fire damage. So now her neighbor is up on the hill both certain it was their house. Lila is the one at the end of the road who husband is a fire fighter. I am praying that Lila is all right. I know it sounds terrible but I am so protective of my little sister. . . . .

Ten minutes later: House is ok. s

July 10, evening: My sisters house was saved. She sat on a hill and watched the property burn. Do you believe that the fire burned up to her back door and didn't burn the house down? Man I am a mess. Communication will be a bit harder now because her phone lines are burned. Cell phones don't get reception there. They are in the foothills. Kinda in the sticks. When you street is three miles longs and 10 places on the block and in the immediate area, that is in the sticks. . . .

Thursday, July 10, So I assumed everything was ok when my sister got home yesterday and the house was saved because the fire moved on and the house was still there. She gets home and apparently there was four acres across the dirt road not burned (they own both sides of the road.) So the fire moved on and the wind changed and the fireman came back and tried to set a back fire on their last few acres. She said the firemen have been lazy and half of them are not doing anything or little as possible. So they are in my sisters yard across the way trying to light the land on fire and my brother in law is standing there with his fire hose putting the fire out that the firemen are trying to light in his yard. The fireman said, "hey what are you doing?" He said "you aren't burning us out. We just saved our house with three weeks of sweat and you aren't lighting that fire." My brother in law put out the "backfire" that would have certainly burned the house down. He told the fire fighters to get off his land. He got the back fire out 70 ft from the house with the wind blowing towards their house. Then another fire came along and my brother in law and his boys had to fight this OTHER fire. My sister just called and the fire is smoldering. Their house is there and the firemen finally stopped trying to burn them out. My niece just texted me and said that every tree on the property is gone but none of the sheds or the house was touched. All the horse corrals are gone so they can't bring home the animals. They had two pigs at the property and they are fine! They still have a home. Whew!

Friday, July 11 Here is an update on the fires in our county Del Norte now has two wildfires within its boundaries after the Siskiyou Complex Fire, a 24,000-acre behemoth, pushed its way across the county's eastern boundary. . . . On Thursday, crews from both fires met to coordinate their efforts in case the two fires merge. "All we're doing is making contingency plans," Siskiyou Complex Fire Information Officer Yvonne Jones said. "We're playing the 'what-if' game."

The fires are about seven miles apart, Jones said, and discussions have begun on how to share resources. "We have limited resources also, so we need to work as efficiently as possible," she said. "We don't have the luxury of wasting our effort because there's just not enough of us." Both the Blue 2 and Siskiyou Complex fires are considered low-priority blazes because they are in locations where there is not an immediate threat to life or property, such as in other parts of California where people are being evacuated and homes are burning up.

Sunday, July 13 My daughter said it seems better today in butte county. She said that the wind died completely down and it helps a lot. She is 75 miles south of ONO, which is in Shasta county. Called my sister last night and everyone is home and happy as clams to have one. I sense a new appreciation for life. Thank you Sylvia for sharing the real story of the fires in part of Northern California. Wow!!! What a story.

BBHS 1998 10 Yr Reunion

Thanks for posting the reunion information for me. However if you can send it out again or when you do, can you correct the R.S.V.P. date for July 31, 2008. This way I can give those who I am still trying to reach to send payment.

Thank you
Kim (Stock) Derichsweiler
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