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October 3, 2003

SELECTED NOTES FROM THE SGM BIG BEAR HIGH SCHOOL FOUNDATION MEETING OF SEPTEMBER 29TH from Neal Waner, President of the Foundation. Russ reported that the class of 2003 has submitted their $5,000 for their scholarship, also Jim Bollingmo's account is just under $4,000 at this point. Laura Bulrice showed us the programs that received grants for 2003-2004, one at Big Bear High School, one at the Big Bear Middle Cchool, one at Baldwin Lane Elementary and one at Big Bear Elementary. Four great programs that will touch 996 kids throughout the valley - good job Laura and crew. Al Waner reported that the Kyle Hagmann golf tournament went well. Neal Waner reported that financially our total assets are just under $400,000 now in the Foundation Endowment Fund. During the past year we have received contributions of $43,000. We have several new foundation partners and one new corporate sponsor, Silver Pines Escrow. (Editors note: Thanks Neal, for keeping our Foundation active, vibrant and a source of assistance to the students of Bear Valley. )

From: Estelle Gough
Date: Sat, 13 Sep 2003
Subject: Re: An old alumni September 13, 2003

Hi. Sorry to read about the passing of an alumni of Big Bear High. I wonder, now if there are any left of my graduation class of around 23 or 27 can't remember. In the year 1947. I would hope there are, but I am now 73 and I graduated at age 17. Anyway thanks for the info. regards, Oh by the way, we had our graduation ceremonies at the theatre. Now long gone. Regards Estelle (Editor‚s response. Great to hear from your Estelle. O.K. Alumni!!!! Anyone out there from the class of 1947? Any of you remember the graduation ceremonies at the the local theatre? The graduation ceremonies are now held outside in the quad in the ampitheatre at the high school located in Sugarloaf since 1985.

My, how things change. Al
From: Judith J. Bartlett
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2003
Subject: Re: SGM Big Bear High School Education Foundation (September 12, 2003)

On September 20 a reunion dinner was held at the Snow Summit Inn for the Class of 1963. 21 former Big Bear High Grads attended. Dr. Al Waner came and gave a presentation regarding the SGM foundation as well as told the group about many of our former teachers. Hopefully many of the attendees will add their names and email addresses to the foundation newsletter. The group was delighted to hear about the SGM foundation, and I belive many will become contributors as well. Dr. Waner then gave a brief state of education address. Wherein, someone suggested that we replace Arnold Schwazenaeger as a candidate with Dr. Waner. Several of the former grads brought along their parents, and it is hard to say who had a better time - the parents or the students. Ed. Stalcup showed up at the end of the dinner and later joined the group for some reminiscencing. Many of his former students can still recite rules from "Friendly Piere" and the list of helping verbs. On Sunday, after a boat tour of the lake, the group gathered at Rotary Park for a picnic lunch where Russ Reynolds was able to join them. The group had a great time, and realized how very lucky they were to have received such a great education and the strong nuturing and caring of the many wonderful teachers they had.

A hugh thank you to Raymond Godwin, Class President, Estelle Vernay Hooker, Vigina Miekle, and Donna Kirby for all the hard work they did in putting the activities together.

Former Students that attended:
Ray Godwin, Dave Duesler, TIm Pointer, Ray Beardslee, Steve Wirth, Gary Johnson, Rick Neiderhoff, John Tyman, Dean Lawerence, Bob Schimick, Estelle Vernay, Donna Kirby, Ginny Miekle, Betty Gene Hunter, Ginger Lockner, Jackie MCGreagor, Kara Barnes, Sue Bangle, Carole Theissen, Linda Beck, Judie Eidson, George Burton

Parents Attending
Mrs Eidson and her daughter Patti Eidson Sherritt, Mrs. Vernay, Mrs. Hunter, Mr. and Mrs. Barnes

Six of the attendees had gone to school from kindergarten through 12th grade:
Ray Godwin, Estelle Vernay, Gary Johnson, Steve Wirth, Betty Gene Hunter, and Judie Eidson.

On behalf of the class of 1963, I would personnlay like to thank all those teachers that helped guide us and shape us into who we are today. You not only gave us a great academic foundation, but took time to invest personally in many of us as well as many other students that have been blessed to come through your doors. Teachers really do have a unique opportunity to reach out and give the gift of changing the lives of their students. What you do in the classroom each day does make a difference even though you might not know what the impact is and how it will alter the life of a student. (Editors‚s note: This was a great reunion. My wife, JoAnne, and our two little boys, Scott (age 2 and now a 5th grade teacher at Big Bear Elementary) and Neal (age 2 months, and now SGMBBHS Foundation President) arrived in December 1962 in Big Bear to teach Social Studies and Senior Problems and this class was my first group of students. Little did I realize at the time what a great bunch of students they were to teach and with full parent support. Russ Reynolds was the principal. Many of these students knew Steve Mihaylo and were impressed with his significant contributions to the Foundation.

My, how quickly 40 years pass. Al Waner
Judy sent me a special e mail and I want to forward it on to you. Judy is proud to be making her contribution to this world as a teacher. Keep it up Judy!!!

Subject: Class of 1963
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2003
From: Judith J. Bartlett

Just a personal note of thanks for coming to our dinner Saturday night. You really made it a special evening. I sent some information about the reunion to the newsletter web site. I thought your remarks about the future of education were right on. Unfortunately there aren't enough people in the profession that are willing to do the hardwork involved in running schools that produce high academic results or even believe that all kids can learn. It is often more about making it look like everything is fine instead of admitting to the weaknesses and then developing a good strategic plan to work on the priorities. I have heard too often Oh we can't say that it would make us look bad, and once you start perpetuating a myth it requires increasing false impressions. One of the valuable things I have learned in my travels as a WASC Committee member is that it is better to admit where you are and devise a good action plan based on solid research to try and move forward. You were lucky to be in a small district where it is much easier to work within a district and establish some continuity. In a district the size of FUSD 88,000+ students the ability to reach a good level of articulation is very difficult, but I figure if I can work one school at a time, or a group of teachers at a time, that some poisitive change will come. Again thanks for all your work with the Foundation and the great things you have done for the students at BIg Bear.

Judie Eidson Bartlett.

PS. In giving lessons on finding a career, I always told my students find out what your good at, and then see if you can get paid for. I told them I really pulled one over on my teachers because I was great at talking in school, and so I became a teacher so I could get paid for it instead of getting into trouble.

Football season is in full swing at Big Bear High School. Last Saturday the Bears won the Homecoming game. Phil Hamilton, Principal from 1987 to 1995 is still the voice of the Bears at the games. It was a great homecoming with Domenique Kun, voted Homecoming Queen for 2003. Domeninque is the daughter of Richard Kun, CEO of Snow Summit and a BBHS graduate in the 1960.

It is starting to get cold at night in Big Bear and fall is in the air. - Al Waner
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